To choose a promise or a commitment can give you different results

A promise or a commitment sounds more or less the same, but the reality is different.

You have probably heard the story about the pig and the hen discussing who is delivering the most value to the breakfast. Of course, the hen is proud of providing eggs to the breakfast plate every single day. The pig, however, responds:

“You are only involved with a promise to deliver your eggs. I will provide ham to the same plate, and that’s a real commitment.”

The moral from this sweet little riddle is that a promise or a commitment differ in the sense of the consequences. A promise like the one made by the hen to deliver eggs on a daily basis, is without any doubt a valuable action.

The commitment by the pig to provide ham will result in an entirely different consequence, as the pig has to be slaughtered.

A promise or a commitment at the first view, they can look the same. As long as everything is running smoothly, you will not notice any difference neither. When the situation goes into trouble or gets challenged in one way or another, it’s when the difference will be seen.

A Promise Or A Commitment Will Make The Difference

A Promise Or A Commitment Will Make The Difference

The reality is that in most cases we are only involved with a promise. It can be a firm promise, but it remains a promise and nothing else. A good example is all the new year’s resolutions made every year. By statistics, we know that only 8% of the resolutions will ever be fulfilled.


You don’t see the enormous difference between a promise and a commitment.

You don’t have to be as dramatic as the pig, who dies for his commitment, but the pattern for a commitment follows a different route than a simple promise or involvement.

There exist different methods to assure a commitment. It should be something that by its character is irrevocable.

When I started to run marathons ten years ago, it was not the marathon as such that triggered me. To run 10k or even a half marathon, everyone with a reasonably good physical condition can do without any significant hassle.

To run a marathon, though, requires a bunch of additional conditions. By committing myself to run my first marathon, I also commit myself to undergo a particular marathon training program. It works like a pledge. Either you do it, or you don’t. There is nothing in between.

A Promise Or A Commitment Is Valid For Any Activity

After my first marathon in 2009, I got the confirmation that I could do it with the appropriate training in place. But an essential experience though is the insight that a promise or a commitment is the difference between a possible success or not. The following 20 marathon races (so far) follow the same path.

a promise or a commitment for any activityFull commitment; pure “ham” and no “eggs.”

So, if it works for such a challenging and time-consuming activity as running marathons, why not try it for other dreams of mine?

The idea to search for more freedom in life, and do things completely on my terms, becomes the next challenge.

The life as an independent entrepreneur doing business on the Internet is now my second commitment. After a lot of research, and also to have been cheated by a lot of false promises, I finally came across a real business system.

It’s real in the sense that you get 100% of what you need to be successful.

A lot of struggles? Yes!

Failures? Yes!

But always with all necessary support and help to get on track again quickly. The business platform is for people with an entrepreneurial mindset. It’s a formula for people willing to do the necessary work.

It’s a perfect way of changing your lifestyle if you are willing to do the commitment.


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