Happiness is something we all want but very few can define

Would you like to be happy? Yes, of course!

Are you happy? Well, now the answers can be many. It can be all from a strong “Yes” to a “No” with a touch of shame or a modest shyness. Many, maybe the majority will give answers like, “Maybe,” “I don’t know,” or “who knows.”

This last group of ambiguous responses is quite reasonable for one single and very simple reason:

No-one has told you what happiness really is!

Some experts talk about three different levels of happiness:

  1. Pleasure – it’s the most primitive of happiness and is based on your emotions. It could be sex, drug, alcohol, music, etc. It’s the most powerful type of happiness, as it uses to be when your emotions are in movement. But it’s also the happiness that disappears most quickly. Sometimes it can even produce the complete opposite of happiness, as in the case of a painful hangover, after a “happy” party.


  1. Flow – this is when you are highly focused on something productive that you like to do. You can see the results even if a lot of work involved. Passionate entrepreneurship is a good example of where the happiness of “flow” can frequently be experienced. Most people believe this is the most enjoyable happiness in life.


  1. Meaning – this is the sense of belonging to something with a more profound purpose or meaning. It could be a connection with different social groups, religious systems, and even political parties.


Happiness Is A Direct Result Of Your Actions

Happiness by action

Happiness by action

Sounds cool, right? Or does it scare you that your actions will decide if you are going to be happy?

Aristotle confirms this part of the definition of happiness, by saying:

“Happiness is a state of activity.”

Make a list of things, events or activities that will make you happy in your life. It’s a tricky task if you actually take a serious look at it.

When asking people what makes them happy in life, several studies show two things that are sticking out as number one and two on the list of happiness:

Getting rich and become famous.

Did you have any of these two on your list? Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

The good and exciting from the discussion about happiness is that there exist a survey that has the correct answer.

Watch the 12 minutes video and get the right answer. It’s amazing what this 75-years old Harvard project will tell you. So, far this video has over 4 million views. And you’ll understand why.

Robert Waldinger’s research is unique and what impress the most, is that everybody can be happy. You just have to act and go after your happiness.

According to Waldinger, there are even some positive side effects of the “true happiness,” such as being healthier, afford pain easier and even a more protected brain.

You Can Achieve Happiness In Many Different Ways

As Aristotle so wisely says,

“The happiness you achieve by staying active.”

How many “happy” people do you know, spending all their days by sitting at home, every day. They can be temporarily OK, but do you think they are thriving in happiness?

Being active often mean that you are doing something you’re passionate about, or maybe building connections that are meaningful to you.

Different researchers support Robert Waldinger and the work his team is doing, and social connections are directly correlated with different positive outcomes.

There might be moments where you temporarily lose your connections to life, but as long as you are aware of what you need to do about it, you will always have the opportunity to rebuild or take up your necessary connections again.

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