Not a single one is equal but they all represent different types of customers

The biggest mistakes you can do in sales is to ignore that there are many different types of customers.

Often, especially with the highly automated digital marketing, patterns are treating every prospect with the same tactics. Nothing can be more wrong.

In the previous articles about sales, we are diving into features versus benefits. See “How To Boost Your Sales By Transforming Features Into Benefits,” publishing date10th of August 2017.

Five days later the article “5 Words To Find Out What Your Customer Needs.” The need analysis and the importance to find out what the customer needs, is the topic of the article.

The 25th of August practical methods of how to handle objections see the daylight. Read the article, “3 Proven Tactics To Handle Objections In A Successful Way.”

Finally and exactly a month ago, closing techniques at the glance. See the blog post “3 Sales Closing Techniques That Always work.”

Retake a look on these topics, as will serve you a lot to understand the next topic in this series. The four tools from the previous articles will work perfectly well in any situation and with different types of customers.

In the blog of Inventorum, they talk about 7 different types of customers in their article “7 Types of Customers and How to Handle Each of Them Successfully.”

Different Types Of Customers React In Different Ways

Different types of customers react differently

Different types of customers react differently

In the video below we will go through six of the most common different types of customers. Of course, there exist more different types of customers. However, if you can dominate the variants we are reveling in the video, you’ll be far ahead of your competitors.

A question that might pop up in your mind is if these examples work both for offline and online business scenarios.

Of course, they will! It’s all about communication and communication can be done “from-mouth-to-mouth” or in writing. Different media but the message will remain the same.

After the video about different types of customers, it is evident that you need to formulate the messages in different ways for different types of customers. A wrong message will not fit into the customer’s expectations. In the worst case, the customer will unsubscribe from your list of clients.

Even if other people take care of your sales, as in the case of the company I’m affiliate of, nothing can replace your personal and direct contact with the customer.

Read Mike Taylors excellent article “4 Simple Ways to Communicate Better With Your Customers.”

Every customer you’re able to attract to your product or service will in the first place be as a result of the trust the client has in you and not the company you’re representing.

Start your online business today, here and now. Leverage the completely automated system that will come with your affiliation. But never forget that your success in communicating with different types of customers will always be an essential ingredient in your business model.

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