To give mom a lifelong gift on this important day could be her best moment ever

Mother’s Day and a lifelong gift, how does that work? In this article, you’ll get the idea of how you can make your mom’s day completely different.

The month of May is a month when most countries celebrate Mother’s Day. Tomorrow is the principal celebration day, but some countries already did it and some others to do it later this month.

The most common gifts on Mother’s Day according to U.S. statistics, are:

  • Greeting cards
  • Flowers
  • Special outing
  • Gift cards
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry

To be honest, Mother’s Day is every year turning more commercial. According to statistics, in the U.S. only 30.3 billion dollars were spent 2017 on Mother’s Day gifts. Except maybe jewelry, none of the gifts listed are lifelong gifts.

Even if we should recognize the tremendous number of tasks that fall on a typical mom’s shoulder, Mother’s Day is an opportunity not to forget her extraordinary capacity.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, a study shows that a mom has 26 different morning task to look after every single day.

Another study shows that a typical mom has up to 40 duties on her daily list. The same study concludes that being a mom is a full-time job. Including all tasks on her list, where also cooking, cleaning and washing must be considered; the study shows that the average mother devotes 57 hours a week to all tasks.

This is her “57-hours unpaid job.” The same study also shows that 75% of the moms are working at least part-time, doing an average of 24 hours of paid work a week. Thus, altogether an average mom is working 57+24=81 hours a week.

Why A Lifelong Gift To Mom?

Give a lifelong giftYou need to be a strong and healthy person to afford such a working burden. Therefore, many moms today search for opportunities to work from home while taking care of their 57-hours mom duties.

The best jobs for stay-at-home moms let you earn additional income by using your skills. At the same time, you are using your experience and interest and are doing something you enjoy. Whatever you pick, among all opportunities you’ll find out there depends very much on your background.

Most of these work-from-home jobs for moms are freelance positions. That being said, you’ll have to pay for your own benefits and taxes. The positive side, though, is that you as your own business owner also get the possibility to decide how you would like to grow your company. You’ll be your own boss!

With the Internet, the world is changing completely, and the vast number of opportunities will open up the doors to something that didn’t exist before. You can do it full-time or part-time. It’s all your choice.

Happy Mother’s Day!

A lifelong gift on Mother's DayBesides the emotional part of the appreciation to your mom, where flowers and greeting cards play an important role, you can now also surprise mom with a lifelong gift. No matter what type of Internet business she would like to run, there will always be a need for a platform to automate the business. Further, there will still be need of getting the necessary training to obtain all the knowledge required to run any type of online business successfully.

In this occasion, give mom the most spectacular lifelong gift she ever has seen. It might change her whole lifestyle. You can be the one actively helping her to release more free time in her already occupied working week.

To all moms around the world, Happy Mother’s Day! We appreciate what you do, we need you and we love you.


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