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This is the second part of the avoid quitting topic. This article will be more focused on the on-the-go measures to take.

If you did not read part 1, I highly recommend you to do so before going forward with this second part.

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Avoid Quitting by Measuring

Measuring and avoid quitting

Measuring and avoid quitting

There is an old but very true saying that goes like this:

“What you can measure you can improve.”

These 6 methods about measuring you should know.

My two passions, marathon running, and online marketing, follow the same measuring pattern.

Every training session for my running I measure in detail. It’s the only way to see if you’re making progress or not. If no improvement within the stipulated time, something has to be changed.

The same goes for my online marketing. All campaigns, no matter which social media you use, you have to measure in detail.

For example and as a curiosity, all visits to this blog post are measured. I know how many visits, how many clicks, what brought the visitors attention and what didn’t.

By knowing the figures, you can decide if you’re on the right path or if something must undergo modification.

To avoid quitting you need to know what you’re doing, why and how.

Stop Quitting by Setting Sub-Goals

Quitting vs. sub-goals

Quitting vs. sub-goals

A goal which often is based on a passion and a dream uses to be huge. You know that a lot of work and effort will be needed before reaching the final goal.

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming and to avoid quitting it’s crucial to break it down into sub-goals.

When running my marathons, I have a developed a technique that works well and that allows me to stay focused.

When starting the race, I have only one focus: to find the predecided running pace during the three first kilometers. I know that the right speed is crucial for a successful race.

The second subgoal is the first 10K, where I use to nail the predecided time. It gives me courage and motivation.

The next subgoal is half the race 21K. It is when time and how I feel physically are of importance. At that point, I usually have a plan B ready if necessary.

Kilometer 25 is maybe the most critical checkpoint and subgoal. It is when the famous “wall” uses to appear. I know how to handle it, and when the race reaches its peak and your body feels like “that’s it” there is only one single phrase going around in my head: “Quitting is not an option.”

The last 10K of the race is just a “transportation” section. If you can run 32K, the remaining 10k only require courage and positive attitude.

The same strategy I use in my online business. To use time as a frame is an easy way to define the sub-goals. Just break it down, your overall goal into monthly, weekly and daily goals and stick to it.

Refuse Quitting by Celebrating Your Achievements

Celebrating and no quitting

Celebrating and no quitting

Life is like a roller coaster. You will face setbacks, sometimes when you less expect it. But you will also see progress.

Do not forget to celebrate when you reach your goals. It doesn’t have to be big achievements.

Here is an example of 6 reasons why you should celebrate success. It doesn’t have to be extraordinary things to celebrate. Just progress, and that’s all.

As humans, we need the positivism that comes with celebrations. You will keep yourself away from negative thinking which at the end could be a little celebration that makes you avoid quitting.

Negativism is one of the most significant reasons for quitting from anything, and celebrations will help you to keep negative thought far away from you.

Accountability is an Important Ingredient To Fade Out Quitting Thoughts

No quitting with accountability

No quitting with accountability

“If I only had more money to invest in my business.”

“With more time I could make it.”

“The bad luck seems to follow me all days.”

Can you recognize these phrases?

They are common sayings that quitters use frequently. The essence in each of the statements is that circumstances are primary reasons for no achievements.

To be able to reach goals you must keep yourself accountable. If you need more money, find out how to get it.

More time you will never get. We all have 24 hours to use every single day. Take action to use your time better. But for God’s sake do not blame the time. See my article “How Much Is An Hour?”

Bad luck does not follow anybody. Bad and good luck is something that comes out of your own actions. By making yourself 100% accountable you will be the person who decides how much “bad” or “good” luck you will have.

A perfect way to commit yourself to be accountable is to talk about it. Let your friends and family know what you are doing. They will start to ask now and then about your progress. Those individuals close to you will informally keep you accountable without being aware of it.

The article “4 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable to Your Goals,” is an excellent example of how easy it can be to keep yourself accountable.

Another more formal way of doing it is to work with a coach. He or she will keep you accountable in a structured way and also help you to overcome struggles along the way.

Let 2018 be Your Success Year

Success and no quitting 2018

Success and no quitting 2018

By experience, I know that success comes to anyone that doesn’t quit. It’s just a question of time. Let 2018 be the year when you start to reach all of your dreams.

It’s never too late to get what you want in life. The mindset to let it happen will be the path to what you dream about.

As a typical baby boomer, fed up with the corporate work and to help other people to let their dreams come true, I decided to make my dream I had carried with me during years, to become true. That change in my mindset changed whole my life.

First I tried the online marketing during my spare-time. As a complete newbie to the environment in the digital business world, a lot of doubts had to be clarified.

Read my article “How To Make Part-Time Entrepreneurship To Be Your Best Choice,” published a few weeks ago.

However, it didn’t take a long time before I could take the next step and let my dream come true to run my own business on full time.

The freedom that an online business allows you to have, changes everything. You can travel whenever you want. With your laptop and an Internet connection, you bring your “office” with you.

To avoid quitting when coming across all obstacles on my way, I apply the 7 tips given in this article series.

Ready to join? Click the banner below and try it out during your spare-time as I did.

It’s never too late to go for a change.

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