It’s time to stop thinking outside the box forever!

Stop thinking outside the box today, and a new universe of opportunities will open up.

To stop thinking outside the box is impossible. It’s like not trying to think of red elephants.

Don’t do that. No red elephants.

Of course, you just thought of red elephants! Your head is full of red elephants and nothing else.

Probably you have heard many times that you should think outside of the box. Do you ever reflect on that statement? I mean thinking outside or inside the box, are the same thing in the sense that it fosters a frame based mentality.

In fact, I have since long time ago been mentalized to think that way. See my blog posts on April 3rd, 2016, “The Power Of Thinking Out Of The Box.”

So what happens if somebody asks you to think outside the box? Your brain will shut down completely. The space outside the box is usually empty, and you’ll need reference points to navigate progressively with your mind.

Alternatives That Could Help You To Stop Thinking Outside The Box

Outside the box

Outside the box

So if we have the two classical models, “Thinking inside the box” and “Thinking outside the box,” is there any other alternatives?

What about “Changing the boxes?”. I mean, if we agree on that to stop thinking outside the box will create an empty space, frustration and lack of creativity, then being flexible on the box sizes could be an attractive alternative.

A good example of such model is for example when traditional retail chains create their online businesses as a complementary business line within their niche.

They continue with their same old business they are good at, but the Internet and the digital environment allow them to “change the sizes of their boxes.”

The Fourth Alternative To Change The Future

The same way you learn that you either think inside or outside of the box, it now becomes standard tho “change the size of the boxes,” to be able even to survive.

An example of this, you´ll see among some traditional and famous retailers that are facing financial problems due to a too rigid way of thinking. The new digital business environment left them behind their competitors.

The digital world is changing everything, and the reason why you should stop thinking outside of the box is that there is a new model that takes all businesses one step further.

Get Rid Of All The Boxes!

Yes, you read it right!

What did Amazon do when starting their business more than 20 years ago?

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What did Uber do when the old traditional taxi industry suddenly had to accept an entirely different business model?

The boxes didn’t exist and the creativity to develop something outside every previous business frame can flow freely toward something that only is the start of a new beginning.

It’s not a random coincidence that more people every day search for new business opportunities on the Internet. The online business opportunities allow you to create something that earlier was impossible to do.

With the online business opportunities, you’ll get entrance to a new lifestyle.

It’s a way of life that you can create if you stop thinking outside the box today.

But whatever you do, do not think of red elephants! That will drive you nuts.

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