To use images is a must in today’s marketing but do it legally in a natural way

We are living in an era where we use images for almost everything. According to a calculation, during 2017, 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken only with smartphones. To use images is a common habit we all are applying today.

If you’re into marketing online, you will continuously use images for your business. You need a photo for your website, Facebook fan page, Instagram, well, you name it.

Use images that stick out

Use images that stick out

If you do as all other people, you start your research by going to Google. On their image tab you’ll find millions of suitable photos, and mostly one that will be perfect for your work. You click on it, copy it and paste it into your editor.

Easy, fast and too good to be true. Unfortunately, it is! However, to use images that way can cause you significant problems.

Let’s do a little experiment. The image on the left side pops up on Google Images when typing in “weight loss” as the search word.

Weight loss is a very frequent search on Google, and in this case, we get immediately 229 million search results.

The images popping up are excellent and almost all of them would fit into any weight loss campaign.

Use Images Making You Unique In Your Business

Now the backside and the first reason why you should not use images from Google.

#1. You will probably not be unique by using a popular Google image, but the risk is sky high that many other people are using the same image as you in their marketing campaigns.

How many times have you come across an exactly same image on different occasions and by different users? What do you do?

Probably you click away or scroll down because you lose a lot of credibilities when using something that already has been out there.

The second reason why you should not use images from Google is something much more serious. Do you have the right to use the image?

All images, photos, and creations have unique authors. Often these creations are copyright or license protected. Let’s continue our experiment with the same search for pictures related “weight loss.”

Use images without license hurdles

Use images without license hurdles

By using the toolbar at the top of the Google page, you can filter all the images and only get access to the license free ones. By doing that filtering, we get the images to the left:

Suddenly it all change and the pictures are not that attractive any longer. But you can use them without running the risk to get into legal problems.

#2. Be careful not to use images that are not license free. It can cause you sever legal problems with substantial penalty fees.

Solutions On How To Use Images That Are Unique And Legally Correct

So, what are the solutions?

Use images that are correct

Use images that are correct

#3. Shoot the photo yourself. In fact, if you would like to get an image that is unique and 100% related to your promotion, there is absolutely no better way than taking the photo yourself. If you feel that you haven’t the necessary talent, ask a friend or contact a professional photographer. The important is that you’re the director of the orchestra and get the image exactly the way you want it.

#4. If you find a good photo on the web with copyright, contact the author and purchase the necessary license. This is the way to use images you like and to do it legally.

There is one more way to use high-quality images legally. To use images under the CC0 license means that they are in the public domain. The essence is that the images can be copied, modified, and distributed, even for commercial purposes, without permission from the author.

All the images (except the Google screenshots above) in this article are under the CC0 license.

How to find CC0 license images?

#5-29. There are plenty of different sites available for CC0 license images for download.

Click here and download the 29 sites that I have used personally and that I can highly recommend.

This is an easy and legal way to upload images and to use in your marketing campaigns or other business activities.

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