A 2-day working week is possible by doing some fundamental changes.

Not a long time ago, a 2-day working week only existed in the craziest dreams. Today it starts to be a reality for many. It all begins with a tremendous passion for what ‘you’re working with.

Unless you have a limitless amount of money to hire people to do the job for you, you can start living your 2-day working week by applying some fundamental changes in your way of working.

By the way, who invented that a working week should be 5 days and 40 hours? It’s a relevant question in ‘today’s environment when there are fewer job opportunities in the labor market due to the increasing automation of literally everything. When Tim Ferriss released his recipe for the 4-hour work week, people seriously began to think about the time we spend on our work.

Maybe the above question sounds a bit provocative, but ‘it’s on purpose. Almost by default, when talking about work, we think about employment. An employer pays for a specific job. It could be based on a particular duty, but in most cases, it is time-related. As an employee, you trade your time for money.

Exaggerating a little, when ‘it’s five ‘o’clock you stop working and get out of the door of your working place. Your personal life starts, and you ‘don’t give a damn thing for the company paying your salary, until 8 ‘o’clock next morning.

On the other side, a business owner who has a mission and works passionately to achieve the goals ‘doesn’t even think about the time. The passion for the project is the driver for all efforts.

These two ways of earning a living have two distinct and fundamental differences in terms of goal setting structure.

Money vs. value

The employee goes after the money, the compensation for the work. The business owner and entrepreneur has a goal that goes beyond all monetary measures. ‘It’s a mission to create something that will bring value to the world.

Do you think that Bill Gates created what he created to become a millionaire? Neither Steve Jobs followed such a pattern. Their passion and ambitions took a completely different path. Eventually, they become billionaires due to the extraordinary results and contributions to the world.

Having said this, as you can notice, the invested amount of working hours ‘isn’t an issue for real entrepreneurs. They can work around the clock because they love what they are doing.

At this point, you might raise the question, what has all this to do with a 2-day working week? The answer to that question is that as a successful entrepreneur, you have the total freedom to choose. For example, it could be that your family requires more quality time together with you. It can also be that your family allows you to spend more time with your business.

The bottom line here is that, as an entrepreneur, you have the choice to decide.

Having in mind that you can work around the clock if you wish, ‘let’s analyze the other side of the coin, where you decide to create a 2-day working week.

What do you need to achieve it?

Let’s divide the topic into two parts:

  1. The necessary basic circumstances
  2. What to implement to make it happen

Basics For a 2-Day Working Week

You're the boss in the 2-day working week

The circumstance is quite simple but fundamental to achieve success with your project of a 2-day working week.

Be your own boss

After a lot of research, I ‘couldn’t find anywhere an employee who worked full time on a 2-day working week basis. As an employee, you are forced to follow the guidelines of your boss. It could mean things like meetings, control issues, group related issues, and a lot of other things.

Without even noticing it, a lot of your working hours result in none-productive activities.

With all available tools and new management styles, some companies have done tremendous development in the area of efficiency. To come down to a working week close to what we are trying to implement in this article is out of the question.

Instead, being your own boss, you are running your business on your terms and conditions. It requires a lot of responsibility, but it also gives a lot of freedom to manage the business the way you want.

Automate, automate, and automate

Automate for a 2-day working week

We are living in a completely new era. To build a business from scratch 50 to 60 years ago, required a lot of risk capital to invest in the project. Further, the successful entrepreneurs had to work a lot, every single day, for many years. The successful once did it without problems, because of their burning passion for their project.

In ‘today’s world, you can automate most of the parts of your business. The automation is a must if you ever should be able to achieve your goal of a 2-day working week.

To automate the huge list of people you get into your business, little by little, you need a system that can handle the automation of messages and promotions to be sent out. The so-called autoresponder is a must if you should be able to reduce the time you spend in your business.


Necessary Implementations For a 2-Day Working Week

With the basics in place, your own business, and a highly automated activity, what else do you need to do?

Go online

There are many opportunities out there for people with an ambitious entrepreneurial mindset. Without any doubt, the business opportunities online offer the brightest future.

Working online means that you can bring the job with you. A computer and an Internet connection and you can work wherever and whenever you want.

Start with affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of different businesses you can do online. Some already have a company with a product that is selling through a traditional offline business set up. Sometimes you can blow new life into your business by complementing with an online approach.

By setting up a website and reach out to the particular audience of your product, ‘you’ll reach out to a much larger group of potential customers. By adding shipping service, you can even go internationally.

If you are starting from scratch, without a product, the absolute best alternative for you will be affiliate marketing. You can focus on one single topic; capturing potential customers, and the rest will be done for you. You cash in a commission once the business deal is concluded, and ‘that’s it.

If you add some sort of subscription to your product, there will be a monthly residual income for you on top of the selling commission. In fact, the residual income stream is the lifeblood in a sustainable long term affiliate business model.

Use the affiliate model ‘I’m using, where you will earn commission both from the sale but also on the monthly fees. Attend the webcast my friend and coach is giving for free, and he will explain how to make it happen.

As an extra bonus, you will not only get an affiliate product and service to promote but also a complete platform to handle your business professionally.

Learn to prioritize

As a reader of this article, you are already familiar with the digital environment we are living today. You know about the abundance of information you can get from the Internet, by doing a few clicks.

PrioritizeThe backside of all this is that most people have become a sort of “addicted” to the web. ‘It’s more common than an exception to meet people in the street, handling their mobile phones as it is an indispensable robot device for survival.

When starting an online business, where your laptop will be your daily working tool, you will fall into the same trap if you ‘don’t implement discipline and routines. Do not check your email every time you hear a sound or see a pop-up indicating there is a new message.


Outsource time-consuming work

To be successful with any business, you need to invest a lot of time, especially in the start-up phase. You must learn all the involved parts of your new online activity, such as creating a website, writing a compelling ad, or testing attractive images for campaigns.

However, in your daily business life, ‘it’s impossible to do everything yourself if your goal is a 2-day working week.

The solution is to use all outsourcing resources available. The most common and well-known ones are Freelancer and Fiverr. There you can find people specialized in doing the same work that ‘you’re doing but 10 times faster and perhaps also with a much higher level of quality.

Even if not having English as my native language, I consider my level of English to be reasonably good. However, the software Grammarly is saving me a lot of time. ‘It’s not only an ordinary spell checking program, but it’s also checking your grammar. You can configure the tone of your desired message to be casual, businesslike, formal, or any other mode. The application will give you suggestions on literally anything related to the language used in your text.

Try it for free, and you will be blown away when you notice what the software can do for you.

Stick to your plan and focus

Any business adventure is like a journey. ‘It’s like crossing an ocean. You are going to take you ship from point A to point B, and during the voyage, a lot of things will happen. There will be calm weather, sunny weather, but also rain, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. As a professional captain of a ship, you need to be aware of all these hurdles but also knowing how to handle them

Do never change the course of your journey. You might be forced to make some adjustments to handle a “hurricane” better, but you should always be back on your original course once the storm is over.

Check this advice to get some input to your planning and how to focus correctly on your business.

Conclusions For a 2-Day Working Week

A lot of more advice can be added to this article by the 7 necessary steps you need to have in place, are the following:

  1. Be your own boss – you decide how much time to work
  2. Automation – automating your business saves you time
  3. Online business – the only business giving maximum flexibility
  4. Affiliate marketing – the intelligent shortcut to a successful business
  5. Prioritize – it doesn’t have to be perfect while you prioritize the correct things
  6. Outsourcing – Freelancer, Fiverr, Grammarly, Aweber
  7. Focus – full focus on the gateway towards the final goal!


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