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When is it time to fire your boss? It could be seen as a rather weird question, but the truth is that the topic is more current than ever.

One of the first blog posts I published in November 2015, titled “How to Fire Your Boss,” dealt with the same topic but with a different historical base than we are facing today.

Since 2015, political turbulences, wars, financial downturns, and Covid-19 have put it all in a different perspective.

The labor market has undergone a radical change, and those “secure” jobs (which, in fact, never have existed) are not that secure anymore.

With the new turbulent environment in the labor market, corporations have adapted a new modus operandi. Employees are now openly treated as bricks in a business plan. After all, a business is a financial game where profit has to be provided to the shareholders.


The Time to Say Goodbye to Your Boss Becomes More Evident

The Time to Say Goodbye to Your Boss Becomes More EvidentThis relationship between employer and employee has always existed since the industrial revolution. We who belong to the more life-experienced individuals can easily remember the path from school to a professional career.

Everything was based on the demand in the labor market, getting an appropriate education, and going out and searching for your first job. Climbing the career ladder was the only way to reach the expected success.

Expected by whom?

Your family, friends, and society in general. This is the typical career frame for us baby boomers.


Millennials and the Internet change the game plan

When the Internet became a variable to count on, it all changed. The change was mainly done by the new millennial generation. Typical and important positions like secretaries disappeared. Shorthand was no longer needed when the boss could write his own message on a computer.

Automation development was and still is something going on, even at a higher speed. The culmination of automation turning into artificial intelligence (AI) is one cornerstone of many more to come.


The pandemic effect

We can all remember when the coronavirus pandemic reached its peak. Literally, companies, organizations, and even countries were closed down. Thanks to the advanced development of IT-related activities, companies could continue their business.

Employees took their laptops and started to work from home. Can you imagine if the Internet hadn’t existed? Probably we would face the worst depression in history.


Never Before Time to Fire Your Boss has been More Obvious

Time to Fire Your BossDuring the hard times, we have gone through the last years, something has changed in the employee mentality.

Unless you have a talented and intelligent boss adapting to the new working conditions, most employees discover that their professional skills are worth much more than officially revealed in the corporate working environment.

To fire your boss is difficult unless there is a massive employee movement, forcing the company to remove your boss from his or her position.

Instead, let’s use “time to fire your boss” as a metaphorical expression for separating from your boss. In order words, you are leaving the company and your employment.

“If you work hard on your job, you can make a living, but if your work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune!”

Jim Rohn

As an employee working a long time for a company, you have certain skill, knowledge, and experience which is interesting for the company. Therefore they pay you, right?

In today’s new game plan, it’s time to recognize your unique skills and analyze how you take advantage of them.


Don’t quit today!

As always, all you can do in a planned way will be more successful. Therefore, don’t hand over your resignation letter to your boss today.

Step one will be to determine if and when to take the next step in your career.

In the following video, you will get“5 signs it’s time to say goodbye to your boss.”

Goodbye or time to fire your boss

 Here are the links to the pages mentioned in the video:

As mentioned in the video, the time to fire your boss should be the moment when you feel ready to do it.

The best way to go (that was how I did it) is to develop your project as an independent online entrepreneur in your spare time. Try out everything you need to get a solid picture of what you will need to do.

By going this way, you won’t feel any pressure. You can do it at your pace while still having your monthly paycheck from your corporate job. Perhaps you already start to earn money from your business. That will be the definite signal that it’s time to say goodbye to your boss.


You Decide When It’s Time to Take Over After Your Boss 

Decide When It’s Time to be Your Own Boss The beauty of this way of proceeding is that you’re in complete control. You decide when to take the different steps.

Our system and platform are created to follow the path of your entrepreneurial mindset; no stress, no pressure, all on your terms.

You can create your Free Starter Account to get more information and gain more knowledge about the online business environment. Perhaps you are not sure about your business concept. You will get more meat on the bones when creating your Starter Account.

For people who want to take the first step, we always recommend ModernWealthy. It’s an extensive training program with tons of value. All doubts will be clarified, and you can talk to coaches in our organization to dive deeper into particular questions you might have. This value-packed training program is worth over $1,500, but you will get it for $37…only! We do this as we know the training is essential before taking the next step and successfully creating your online business.

With the experience you’ll get from ModernWealthy, creating your online business on LaunchPad will be a fantastic journey. You will have access to all the necessary tools to build your business in record time. All coaching following you along will help you to get your profitable business up and running in 60-90 days. This could be the moment to say goodbye to your boss.


Proposal for a successful timeline

There are many different ways to go, but based on my experience and successful members joining our community, here is my timeline proposal.


ModernWealthywithin 2 days

LaunchPadwithin 30 days

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