6 Things You Need To Get Started And Never Stop Again

Everything is possible; it’s all a question of time with only 6 things in place.

Whatever you do in life, to get results you need to be convinced and passionate about what you are doing. During my entire life I have never come across any person who has been successful by luck. Luck is not falling down from the sky for you but a result or reward from a good job that has been done.

My blog post 5 days ago created a lot of interest and some questions, reason I found it suitable to make a sort of continuation on the same theme.

When I’m out running I get most of my ideas about everything. The same goes for this blog posts and immediately after finishing the training session, I decided to shot the video you will find below.

If you in one way or another can relate to my story, don’t wait one single second but give Internet marketing one try you won’t regret.


Sometimes we get questions from friends and family, like:

“If I could go back in life and do it over again, what would I change”?

The fact is that I’m so grateful with what I have got in life that I wouldn’t change anything, but one thing:

I should have become my own boss much earlier in my life!


Be Your Own Boss
Be Your Own Boss

Right now we are living very exciting times with the whole industry and society changing completely. Especially from the younger generation there is an important movement going on taking care of mother earth and all the resources we have to survive in a sustainable manner.

On the labor side, Internet and all online activities connected are quickly and silently making a revolution. Nothing will ever be like before. And when recognized organizations unanimously sum up efforts towards the same direction that the total of “normal” employments will drop constantly, well, then it’s time to take it seriously.

The fact is that the online world has turned around completely all traditional concepts and is right now shaking a lot of people around the world out of their comfort zones.

As humans we have a tendency to accept changes as long as they are within the existing frame. For example, when a bookstore makes their distribution more efficient by introducing computer systems to get faster and more relevant information of what is in stock and what to order, that is easier for us to accept because the basic frame of how a bookstore “should look like” is still functioning on the same basis.

But when we start to move the pillars in the business concept, well, then we are out of control and as we mentally have difficulties to handle it, the human defense mechanism starts to work and we refuse to accept or recognize the reality.

How many people do know that Amazon’s total sale of books now is represented by 50% sales of e-books? How many took the launch of Amazon as a serious business changer when it was founded back in 1994? Today Amazon is not only the biggest book “store” in the world but also among the biggest companies in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

The online activities and also business will soon dominate your daily life. You can watch the development or be a part of it.

What will be your choice?

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