Can you be a better entrepreneur by running around like a lone wolf?

To become a better entrepreneur, there are certain things you can learn from marathon running. To be honest, I didn’t recognize it myself until I seriously started to run marathon races eight years ago.

The excellent article “35 Amazing Health Benefits of Running, According to Science (+10 Tips for Beginners)” by Jacky Anderson, goes more in detail about all the benefits you will get from your running.

Although I have been doing a lot of sport for whole my life and even running shorter distances, the decision to go for a marathon (42.195 meters) required a lot of courage and motivation.

It was evident for me what I needed to do to even dream about crossing the finish line of a marathon race. A few years later I found out that precisely the same courage and motivation is the fuel you need to start up your own business as an independent entrepreneur.

To run a marathon race without problems and with joy, you need one year of appropriate training. The same goes for your business. You will be a better entrepreneur if you mentalize yourself from the very beginning that it will take some time before you can see the expected results. To make that happen, it requires an appropriate “training program.”

Among all scams and false promises out there in the cyber world, I was lucky to come across the Six Figure Mentors at an early phase. Without any doubt, it was a tool that helped me to become a better entrepreneur and online marketer.

To Be A Better Entrepreneur And Marathon Runner Is Very Much About The Same Process

The same way I followed the training and blueprint provided by the Six Figure Mentors, my marathon training got started. Tough! Yes, often. But the personal commitment and motivation will push you through the most difficult days and training sessions.

A better entrepreneur and marathon runner
A better entrepreneur and marathon runner

Persistence is the common word for both activities. It’s funny, but when you have a professional training program in detail, there is a built-in mechanism refraining you from quitting, those days when you would like to burn your running shoes and through your computer out of the window.

The 13th of December, 2009, after one year of serious training, the first race was going to take place. Without any experience from marathon races, I remember that I felt very comfortable anyway. I relied on my training performed without interruptions.

The training set up was aimed for a time of 4 hours, and with 4:02:16 I could book the first marathon race on my experience account.

After 20 marathon races since then, the gained experience has been a useful fine-tune of everything from training, preparations before a race and how to deal with the famous “wall” that always appears as a monster when it’s still 30% left to the finish line.

With the same mindset, I’ve improved as a runner, and I’ve also been a better entrepreneur.

One Foot In Front Of The Other At An Even Pace

One foot in front of the other to be a better entrepreneur
One foot in front of the other to be a better entrepreneur

When starting a serious marathon training, you will learn pretty soon how to avoid injuries. In fact, more than 50% of all recreational runners get injured every year. And the main reason is that they increase the training dose too quickly. To be on the safe side, you should never increase your total weekly mileage by more than 10%.

Keeping that number in mind, fortunately, I have not suffered any injuries since my marathon “career” started eight years ago.

A good friend of mine, as well as business mentor, said once, sustainable and successful entrepreneurship is like a chess game. The speed of how fast you will checkmate your opponent isn’t important. What is important though is that you make a move, a move well thought through. Relevance will always win over speed.

For some reason, the figure 10% is a magic figure in this sense. A faster growth seems to have an adverse impact on the quality.

Steve Jobs puts it this way:

“Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”

Bringing this valuable experience with me and my goal to be a better entrepreneur, I never try to speed up my online business beyond what’s in the plan. Sometimes when things go well, you get tempted just to push the accelerator. Instead, the experience from my marathon training holds my horses back. Each step in your training, as well as your business, have their separate life cycles. Don’t push it but sit back and enjoy the achievements.

When running your business with all the accumulated enthusiasm, the temptation is always there to speed up everything outside the initial planning frame. The probability to a severe burnout is much higher if you adapt this strategy to remodel your business plan, instead of sticking to the original one.

Always Have A Plan B

Plan B
Plan B

My wife uses to come with me to all marathon races, and we have learned from experience that if you haven’t decided upon a meeting point after the race, it will be hardly impossible to meet each other after the race. With over 40.000 runners, you can imagine the crowd of people watching the race and supporting their loved ones.

When running the Boston Marathon 2013, we decided where to meet after the finish line. We also figured out where to get a taxi for the 6-kilometer ride to the hotel.

Unfortunately, 2013 was the year when the sad accident with the bombing occurred. We met at the decided meeting point but forget about the taxi. The whole city was closed down, and the only cars you could see were ambulances, police cabs, and FBI cars rushing through the closed downtown streets.

Our only remaining choice was to walk the 6 kilometers to the hotel. Normally, that’s not a problem, but after finishing a marathon, squeezing out the last energy you can mobilize, and your body feels like you have broken every single bone, a 6-kilometer walk on top of that, is a real challenge.

Of course, you can not make prevention for everything, but that Boston incident at least opened up a “new channel” in my mind.

For both your running and your business, prepare for the worst and be ready if it happens. To be a better entrepreneur can often be a question of foreseeing the unexpected.

Whatever you plan might be, the truth is that living the laptop lifestyle will allow you to live life on your terms. Click the button below and find out yourself.

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