To combine a life and business that you love is easier than ever

Many people just live, but to have a life and business that you love at the same time, quite a few people know how to manage.

Marie Forleo, one of the so-called gurus in the online marketing industry, always put one point as number one, when creating a life and business that you love.

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If you belong to the vast group of baby boomers, as I do, you probably learned that life is about getting a career, a job that produces a good income. That’s it!

Today’s generation has more sophisticated criterions about life and jobs. In fact, all people, no matter age, should strive for the same:

“A life and business that you love.”

Sounds a little bit cliché, and to be honest, when I grew up it was almost impossible to combine a life and business that you love at the same time. Hard work was the start to everything, and with a good income, you could use the money to live a life you want…after work.

However, the hard-working career striving person going after big money does almost not having any time to live. So, the “Catch-22” syndrome often comes in and destroy the set up of your ideal life and work.

Funny, quotes like “Thank God it’s Friday,” and “the Monday Blues,” are all examples of how most people actually are suffering in life. They work a whole week to get a fantastic weekend, and immediately when the weekend starts, your mind is already dealing with Monday around the corner. That’s not a life!

Both a Life and Business That You Love Can Become Your Reality

Your reality - a life and business that you love

First of all, you need to define how a job that you love should look like. Most people mention freedom, meaning that they can work when they want and where they want.

The flexibility to take a day off when you need to enjoy life with your family is priceless. To connect to your work when traveling the world with your spouse is something that is a reality for many people today.

In an article a few weeks ago, we described more in detail how to create your profitable online business.

The Internet and the opportunities that an online business can offer you will make it possible to create a life and business that you love in less time than what you can imagine.

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