We all want to be a winner, but…..

The opposite of a winner is a loser, right, and who would like to be a loser? With the fear to be labeled as a loser, people immediately say that they are winner types. But is it that easy?

This important topic about how to be or become a winner we are going to divide into two parts. This first part will revise the preparations and pre-set mindset you’ll need. The second part coming out within five days (December 4th) will go deeper into how to act like a winner.

First of all, you need to make a precise definition of what you would like to win. Most people fail at this point, because of the horrible idea of being a loser that more or less force them to go for the winner answer. There exist so many definitions of “a winner,“ and who is the person to decide which definition is the correct one?

To chase a goal and to finally be a winner, there is one thing you first must have crystal clear. It’s crucial to know your “why” due to the importance of understanding why you are doing things. With the “why” clearly defined you’ll have your goal set almost automatically.

Or expressed in a more rude way:

“Without your “why” you will struggle around like a headless hen.”

See my article “What Is Your Why” from the 13th of April, 2016. In that blog post, you can read about how the famous author, speaker, and consultant Simon Sinek talks about the Golden Circle.

Simon Sinek says:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”·

For A Winner The “Why” Is Crystal Clear

In our society, surrounded by massive publicity, propaganda, and information in general, a lot of people rather create their “why” based on other people instead of following their unique own convictions. What do I mean by that?

Fashion is a good example and who decides how you are going to dress? Well, at the end you take the final decision, as you have to purchase the clothes. However, what the trend leaders “dictate” represents a significant part of your decision process.

As an exercise, try for one day to question every single decision you’ll take, first of all from the most simple decision and then to the more complex ones. If you honestly can find your own “why” to every single step you’ll take, then it seems like you are on a good path.

Most people live their days by doing things without questioning anything, and rather they just follow the stream and do what they do as an automatic routine.

Why is it so important to have your “why” clear?

Your “why” is the purpose of what you are doing. By using the word “purpose,” probably it becomes more apparent how important the “why” really is. We can all refer to situations in life where you don’t know the purpose of the whole project or mission. For sure, as a result, it is quite difficult to mobilize the necessary motivation to do the work you have in front of you.

To be a winner you need to fight, furthermore, you need to be prepared to struggle and fail. Most people give up after the first little hurdle, maybe one single intent and they’re done. They can’t afford failures due to the missing and so necessary passion. And without a real and sincere “why” it’s impossible to mobilize passion.

Now we start to close the circle for the formula of a winner:

The formula of a winner

The formula of a winner

If any of the parts in the circle is missing, then the circle is broken, and as a result, your dream of being a winner disappears.

This first part contains different exercises that you can train on to become a winner while focusing on your “why.” Steve Jobs was a master in knowing his “why” whole the time. It was not an easy journey for him, and sometimes he was sat under fire by people standing close to him. He even got fired from the company he founded.

Be a rebel, and you’re on the right track. Question everything as much as you can before starting. If you can get a correct answer and understand your “why ” then you’ll notice how the rest of the formula above fall in place like laser tailored bricks.

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