The reason action makes more noise comes down to one single thing

Consulting a dictionary, you’ll find that action makes more noise than many other words. The word sounds awesome, powerful, progressive and easy to do. Why then, do so many people fail when they start to take action?

My passion for running marathon races teaches me whole the time to deal with running. It’s tough to complete a marathon if you miss out on your training. Action makes more noise when you force yourself to do the training session for the day, even if your motivation isn’t on top.

The base for your action is the plan to which you’re committed. My plan, or training program, needs to have four different ingredients to be complete:

  • Distance training – can vary between 15 and 35km (   miles), depending on where I am in my training program
  • Interval training – Shorter runs between 200m and 2km repeated several times to get up the speed in your body
  • Running technique – different drills to improve your running technique, to optimize all released body power into faster races
  • Gym training – Important training for your muscles to reinforce strength and flexibility

Since seriously starting my marathon training, I monitor and register in detail all my training sessions. With pride, I notice that I always have concluded all my races, and I have never suffered any injury.

On kilometer 35 (21.8 miles) with 7km (4.4 miles) still to go, you’re grateful to yourself that you had a training program in place. When whole your body sores, the legs feel like tree trunks and you bones perform like fragile un-boiled spaghetti, then it’s like a sense of security to rely on a well-executed training program.

Action Makes More Noise When Applying A Plan

Action makes more noise applying a planAs a passionate upper age marathon enthusiast doing my best by using a professional training program, you’ll quickly understand the importance of a proper plan to follow. All these incredible sportsmen and women, every year registering new incredible records, it wouldn’t be possible without a well-executed program.

Jumping over to any other activity in life, the action makes more noise when using a detailed plan. All famous entrepreneurs of our time, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Larry Page, to mention a few of them, should never achieve their goals without a lot of action.

Often you can read or hear about how these guys failed a lot on the way towards their goal. Failures form part of the process. Action makes noise when you do something, no matter if success or failure.

To not be afraid of the consequences of failure, is actually one of the 30 habits Benjamin P. Hardy describes in one one of his articles, as typical habits for unstoppable people.

With a plan in place that you can rely on, you also feel comfortable when failures occur. You know that it’s part of the game and only to take the next step forward.

A plan for your business is the same as a training program for an athlete. What your business plan do for you, is to take you step-by-step towards your goal. If you view it as a training program, failures sound more relevant.

Action based on a plan and constant training, will for sure result in operation with high quality.

Planning And Training Will Give You Good Luck

All famous people in the world who are having success with something, seem to be fortunate people when it comes to good luck.

Action makes more noise and good luckWhen Bob Beamon set an incredible new world record in the long jump in the Olympic Games in Mexico 1968, a lot of unique data surrounded his record.

When setting the new world record by jumping 8 meters and 90 cm, (29ft 2 ½ in), he surpassed the previous record by 55 cm. Never before in history, anybody had beaten the record by more than 15cm. Was it good luck?

It took 23 years until Mike Powell beats Bob Beamon’s record, in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 1991. Good luck?

He was at the right place, 2,300 meters above sea level with thinner air, producing less friction when jumping. With the maximum allowed wind in the jumping direction of 2m/s he also had the right timing. Good luck?

Bill Gates found it more interesting to improve the administrative system of the Harvard University, instead of dedicating time to study. By endless and passionate work, he developed a system for “normal” people to enter the digital world. Windows was a software created by Microsoft at a time when the digital world was about to take off. Good luck?

The same goes for Richard Branson, who started Virgin Airlines by getting his flight canceled and chartered a private airplane.

All the necessary variables for success were in place, but Windows would never see the daylight and Virgin Airlines would never be flying without action.

Action Makes More Noise When The Right Timing

All these gurus, from Bob Beamon to Richard Branson, they all have one crucial thing in common:

The correct timing at the right place!

Action makes more noise with the right timingWith an entrepreneurial mindset or with a burning passion for something, you will automatically search for all that you need to get the appropriate training. After a while, you’ll start to get the necessary skills.

The passion for what you’re doing creates a plan or training program for you. First, in your mind but soon you’ll put it down in a more formal and scheduled plan.

You are consistently doing the right things. The moment when the timing and the right place come across is just a matter of time. When that occurs, “magic” starts to happen.

Good luck is nothing else than doing the correct things at the right time and place.

The Internet Is Always The Right Place

In today’s society, the Internet is the key-word for almost any activity. Whatever you do, you connect in some way.

Action makes more noise on the InternetAs a typical baby boomer searching for a change in my lifestyle, the Internet was there leading me to the next step to take. I knew what I wanted but didn’t have clarity of what I was searching.

The passion for my running and marathon training needed more dedicated time. Together with my wife, we were searching for more time and flexibility. At our age, we deserved a life changer. Without being able to identify in a “black & white” shape what we were missing, the ambition to find something was there.

Suddenly, one day when surfing the Internet:

“Discover How To Escape The 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join The New Rich!”

My first reaction was a mixture of hope for something and the risk to be cheated.

Then a line further down:

“It’s not just about the money. It’s about the lifestyle….”

They were talking to me!

“It’s about the lifestyle!”

It’s Time For You To Making Noise

Long story short. I signed up, started my online business journey part time to figure out how it works.

Seven months later I said goodbye to the corporate world, and since then I’m my own boss.

As a person who likes to plan everything in life, the planning habit is following me daily. I’m proud of this habit as it helps me to get everything organized properly.

The question though comes down to what comes first, planning, training, timing, right place or action?

The answer is all of them! ….but, one thing is for sure. If no action is taken, the rest will remain as a nice theory memorial.

Action makes more noise than anything else!

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