An affiliate business is an easiest and fastest way to be a successful online entrepreneur

In this second part of how to get your affiliate business to be profitable and successful, we’ll mainly focus on different income streams. Did you miss the first part? Don’t worry. Click here and read the first part, of how to create your successful affiliate business.

You need some fundamental cornerstones to get your affiliate business to work correctly. One of them a solid platform, a professional system, from where you can manage your business.

Without such a platform, it will be difficult to generate the revenues you are aiming for.

Now, the second most important part of a sustainable long-term affiliate business. Look after that you’ll get a passive income stream among all other revenues your program will offer.

The Operations of Your Affiliate Business

Operations of affiliate business

In the first part of this article was dealing with topics of how to set up your affiliate business. The following would be more focus on how to run the business from an operative perspective.

Attractive and fair commission scheme

The affiliate system is built on the idea that you earn a commission when selling a product or a service for a third party. The most well-known companies using affiliate marketing as an essential tool in their sales, are for example Amazon, ClickBank, and eBay. They are all examples of companies selling physical products.

Other examples of successful affiliate programs where you earn a commission upon sales are platforms where you sell the affiliate program as a product. The product includes everything you need to set up your own profitable affiliate business, from training to the advertising links and banners. On the same platform, you can build your own website, with all the tutorial support you may need.

There are various systems out in the market and the Six Figure Mentors, to which I am affiliated, is giving absolutely everything you need for your profitable affiliate business.

The commission varies depending on the level you belong to in the system. You can earn up to 50% in sales commission.

The good thing with the Six Figure Mentors is that you don’t need to make the sale yourself. Your task is to bring in customers and then dedicated salespeople take over to close the sale. You just get credit for the sale and charge the commission.

It’s highly recommended that you start up with a system, like the Six Figure Mentors, as it will foster you to be a professional affiliate marketer. Later you can complement with Amazon, eBay or whatever you prefer.

Please do not start the other way around as you need to sell many products to make a decent living out of it.

Residual income

Even if there are no hidden secrets behind how to create a profitable affiliate business, there are certain ingredients that indeed will help you to be successful more quickly. One of these golden nuggets is residual income or passive income.

It means that your customer subscribes to something, in the case of the Six Figure Mentors and similar systems, a platform from where you manage all your marketing activities. The monthly fee that the customer will pay, an important part will be redirected to your commission payout.

Sales can fluctuate from month to month, but the residual income will help you to get a more stable income over time. As you can imagine, with a substantial number of customers, only the residual income will represent a significant part of your monthly earning.

When working with Amazon and similar affiliate systems, you will only earn commission for the sales you make. That’s it! Every single transaction is an event of its own. There is no residual income to make the income more stable.

Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, and many more, are excellent platforms as a complement to your primary affiliate system with a residual income. Build it that way, and you can infinitely expand your income streams.


As mentioned earlier, the vast number of potential customer make online business different from traditional offline retail stores. The local shop builds up its renumé over time and finds different ways to attract the customer base to enter the shop.

In the online business industry, the corresponding procedure is called for list-building. All your marketing efforts aim to get the potential customer’s email address and to add them to your list.

The list of potential targeted customers is your most important asset to achieve a profitable affiliate business.

You can use the list in different ways. The first phase is to let new prospects enter into your sales funnel. You will learn precisely how to build a responsive sales funnel when signing up to the Six Figure Mentors (SFM).

The second phase is to prepare email marketing campaigns to your audience, still not becoming customers. How to manage this if you have several thousands of prospects on your list?

You need to use an autoresponder! There are many different autoresponders available in the market. They all have their pros and cons. The autoresponder I’m using is Aweber. It’s a reliable system, giving you all the inherent possibilities to market and keep in contact with your list.
Start Your Free Trial Today!Further, Aweber is easy to interface with your SFM platform. They have a fair cost structure, where your monthly cost depends on the size of your list. The first month is a free trial month.

Active community

People who fail with their online business, usually are people who from the beginning are brainwashed with the scam propaganda. They sign up, expect a minimum of work, and voilà, the next morning money is floating into their bank accounts like water in a river.

The reality is a bit different. An online business is like any other business or entrepreneurial activity. You need to be passionate about what you are going to do. The effort you need can mean long days in the beginning, with failures and of course successes mixed in a way only true entrepreneurs love to experience.

To network with other people is always important in any business you enter as an entrepreneur. It’s worth gold to interchange ideas and experiences with like-minded people.

Professional Internet businesses and in particular affiliate marketing platforms count with a vast community, being connected continuously and helping each other with support, advice, and motivation.

In the Six Figure Mentors, we are proud to be members of a community that together represents a working tool that you can’t buy for money.

Extra tool for language perfection

This last tool I haven’t included in the seven tips stipulated in the title of the article. The reason is that it isn’t an indispensable tool. However, it is a beneficial tool to get your language correct.

As a non-native English speaking person, it was natural to start using it early in my online business career. Even if I consider myself to manage the English language pretty well, you will never get the final touch people get, who has English as their mother tongue. Until now…..

Grammarly ® helps you with everything related to English. It’s not a simple spell checker, but also corrects your grammar and gives suggestions of better wording. You can configure Grammarly® to be based on English from the U.S., Great Britain, Australia and some other countries in the world.

You can decide before starting the process if the language should be casual, business-oriented if the text should be directed to professionals, the general public, plus many other features.

It didn’t take me a long time to notice that Grammarly® is a real time saver when it comes to writing.

Your Profitable Affiliate Business in a Nutshell

Your affiliate businessThe seven tips in this two-part article, are more than suggestions. If you don’t follow the seven advice, then you will make it difficult for yourself to achieve your goal to get a profitable affiliate business established the way you have dreamed.

The list could be much longer, but the truth is that these seven steps are necessary for you.

On top of all this, consider trying Grammarly®. Even with English as your native language, you will notice how powerful this language tool really is.

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As a curiosity, all these links will give you the opportunity to try them out for free the first month without any commitment whatsoever.


This article has been revised and corrected by using Grammarly®. Click here and get your free app for free to start using immediately.

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