How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

In the online world the trading of referrals is another word for affiliate marketing.

To make a very straight forward and simple explanation of affiliate marketing, it’s the same as referral marketing in the offline world. The big difference though is that affiliate marketing is an organized system to compensate for every single referral that results in a sale or whatever the end goal could be.

In the impressive increase of new online marketers joining the digital movement every single day, the growth undergoes a sort of silence. It makes very limited “noise” outside the online world. However, the multi-billion company Amazon is now so big that almost everybody at least knows about this company.  Their growth during the last years is just incredible.

What many people don’t know is that their success in sales highly depends on affiliates out there bringing in new customers. If you have bought something from Amazon the chances are significant that the purchase was made through an affiliate link, without even knowing about it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important “engines” for Amazon and their business strategy.


Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Way To Get Started

With a world changing dramatically a lot of people start to catch an eye on the digital world and how to make their living that way. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with all information you can find when you would like to learn how to start up with your online business.

Without any doubt, the best way to get success quickly online is to start up with affiliate marketing. Here follow the most relevant arguments:

  1. Tiny startup cost – With your laptop and an Internet connection you are almost ready. To join an affiliate program with the necessary digital platforms, the cost is ridiculously low compared to any other start-up investment. With an investment of the same magnitude that a Starbucks visit will cost you, you can start immediately. So, the cost can never be an argument to not join in.


  1. No staff needed – As an online business you run it from your computer, and there is no need for any staff to get the business to work.


  1. No product required – In a traditional offline business the product or the service to sell to the market is the core issue for the whole business. And with that come inventories, imports, cash flow, guarantees and quality controls as natural consequences. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need any product. You are promoting other companies’ products. And they will pay you for every referral you bring into the business, and that results in a sale.


  1. You don’t need any previous knowledge – All affiliate companies in the market offer an “out-of-the-box” package.  You don’t need to be an expert to get success. They will teach you step by step how to get everything set up and to be running correctly. After all, it’s in their own interest that your affiliate marketing business works properly.


  1. Possibility to earn a passive income – Many affiliate organizations offer products that require a subscription with a monthly fee. You as an affiliate will earn an income every month that those customers pay their monthly fees. If you have a substantial number of subscription clients in your portfolio, the monthly passive income will be an import amount of money.


  1. Freedom and flexibility – What we as online entrepreneurs like the most with affiliate marketing is the freedom we have. As the technology develops, literally everything can be sat on autopilot. Take this blog post as an example. It was created days before the publishing date. However, the system allows me to program the exact publishing date and time.



Why Should You Do Affiliate Marketing?


If a business online is something that you are thinking about, affiliate marketing is something that you seriously should consider. It’s a way to fast get off the ground and start accumulate revenues.

Watch this video to get more knowledge about affiliate marketing.

As in all businesses the foundation is essential. With affiliate marketing as the base you can create any business on top of it. There are no limitations, only opportunities.

Watch out for the program you sign up to. Make sure all guarantees, including a refund of money, are in place.

Sometimes this business model seems to be so straightforward and easy that you might take it more as a hobby. Don’t fall into that trap. If you treat it seriously, you will create a nice little business that can give you the freedom of your dreams.

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