Affiliate online marketing is an experience-based activity for all seniors

All seniors can make affiliate online marketing by using their knowledge and experience. The actual reality today is that many seniors are investigating how to earn an extra income.

When the first payment comes from the pension funds, the wake-up alarm usually delivers a clear message. The monthly payments do not come up to the expected amount of money. Wait for a second! Don’t go crazy. Fortunately, there are solutions available.

Why not leverage your years of experience, sharing your knowledge with others, and make some extra money?

If you can relate to this introduction, then you should carefully consider the advantages of affiliate online marketing.

A reason why affiliate online marketing is a perfect fit

As a senior who has been living in many different countries, I see the affiliate online marketing as a perfect fit. You’re more than ready and prepared to embrace the next phase of your life. This new era of your life shouldn’t, of course, be tied to an employer’s schedule.

Getting this clear, you’ll love the flexibility and freedom of Internet marketing and affiliate online marketing in particular.

When I’m working on my blog, it’s not tied up to any specific location. I can work comfortably at home or bring my laptop to my favorite places. Traveling together with my wife to different places in the world doesn’t interfere with work with my blog.

Further, you can combine your retirement with any favorite hobby. In my case, I’m a passionate runner and train regularly to run 2 to 3 marathon races per year around the world. So far since I started my online business, it has been 25 marathons in 6 different countries. To combine two so different passions, like long-distance running and affiliate online marketing, makes perfect leverage and fit.

What if you also could combine your leisure pursuit with the need for a little extra income. Well, it doesn’t have to be that little, and in fact, you can earn a lot of money, doing it all the correct way.

Wasn’t this something you dreamed of throughout your working career? So, stick with me as we start exploring the reasons why affiliate online marketing should be part of your future as a senior citizen.

How Does the Affiliate Online Marketing Model Look Like?

Affiliate Online Marketing Model

In this digital age, the affiliate marketing business model represents a powerful strategy for making money online. Under this model, affiliates promote the products of certain vendors in exchange for a commission. Surveys show that approximately 81% of all online sales involve an affiliate.

Your work as an affiliate is to connect potential customers with vendors who have products and services to sell. You don’t need to develop your own products, keep an inventory, or deal with any shipping issues. This is something the merchant will do for you.

The Way Affiliate Online Marketing Works

For sure, the concept of affiliate marketing sounds tempting. But how to get started, and how does it really work for you as an individual marketer like yourself?

How to connect with consumers and which product to promote, and of course, how to get paid, are things that you might have on your question list.

Which is your niche?

One unique knowledge that you possess as a senior, is your life experience. No matter how skillful young people are, the senior knowledge you can only acquire by age. Think about it!

As a senior, for sure you have a hobby or interest of any kind that you would like to develop further. Imagine all the other folks out there who share precisely your enthusiasm for the same hobby or interest.

Your nicheConnecting to that group of people is in affiliate marketing identified as choosing a niche. Now, select the hobby or interest of yours. Make a list of common points to explore, to solve, or in need of further development.

In affiliate online marketing, we use the word “pain points.” Identify the pain points of the audience in your niche. Develop a product or a service to solve those problems.

The path to a successful business online is to understand the needs of your audience. The more accurate you are in your finding, the more the positive response.

Your business idea needs to provide content to fill in the needs of your audience.

Build a website

In the traditional offline retail business, you need a shop to promote your products. The shop in online marketing is your website. It’s the meeting place for all potential customers.

When you start to build your website, you will be bombarded with promotions from different website providers. Personally, I use WordPress as easy to use for none technical people like myself.

Further, it has more than 2,000 free themes you can use to personalize your website and be more accurate to promote your product or service.

Bring people to your website

So far, it all sounds good, right? But how to bring people to your website? Well, let’s go back to the example of a traditional offline shop. The first thing you need is an attractive position for your shop. It should be a place where people pass by, and not a hidden place where you need a map and compass to find.

This part of the business is all about attracting people. It can be about following your blog, or any other topic of interest for your readers. Think about driving people to your shop. The process is exactly the same but using digital tools.

Bring people to your websiteIn the same way, you get people to enter your offline shop by hanging up boards and ads attracting potential customer, you use the same method with your website.

The place where all people online are hanging out is on Google. Whatever you are searching for, you go to Google and find what you are seeking. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second.

It’s like a shopping center receiving over 80 billion visitors per day. Can you see the potential? A lot of people are there, but they won’t visit your site unless you use the correct keywords to pull them into your shop or in this case, your website.

Methods to bring people to your shop

There are many methods available to find the most accurate keywords for your website. Some you have to pay for, and others are for free. This one is an example of a free app. Once in your “shop,” your website, you need to provide content that attracts your audience.

As a senior, your experience will help to push the “pain point” of your audience. By doing a good research job and using the right keywords, you will get a lot of organic traffic to your website. Take care of these golden nuggets. It will cost you nothing to get them to your website.

Usually, you need to mix your organic traffic with paid traffic, to get a sufficient number of potential customers to your site. There are many ways to get paid traffic to your website. It could be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google, and many more. Investigate carefully the most useful method for your particular product or service. Try one and become an expert on that method. To through out money on all of the different media at the same time will probably be an expensive exercise with a minimum of results.

Using Your Affiliate Online Marketing Platform in a Smart Way

Any website with the right content can make money. Your work as an affiliate is to bring people to your website, building trust, and get them to sign up to any of your affiliate sites. Usually, the merchant will take over the job from there and close the sale for you.

Now, the question will be, what affiliate company to partner with? Well, it depends on your interests, your niche, and of course, the kind of product you would like to promote to your audience.

One of the most well-known companies to partner with is Amazon. They can offer practically all kind of products, and most probably they will have something fitting into your niche as well.

Similar companies are, for example, Click Bank, Shopify, and eBay. By doing research on Google, you will find them all.

How much money can you make as an affiliate?

The answer is simple, and maybe not the one you would like to hear:

It all depends on you!

On one side, it’s true, as the number of potential customers you can drive to the affiliate website, will be the base for your income.

However, reality can be separated into different segments.

#1: It’s not only a question of the volume of traffic to the site, but it also depends on the quality of the prospects. There exist many examples of successful marketers who have a relatively small list of leads, but it is super targeted. Do your homework with the initial research, and you will squeeze out a lot of sales from your customer list.

#2: Many affiliate programs only give you one-time-commission. You get paid when the product has been sold and settled. That’s it. Instead, you can partner with affiliate programs where you will get a second income flow, the so-called residual, recurring, or passive income. It means that your customer signs up for some sort of subscription and pays a monthly fee for it. As an affiliate, you will get paid your corresponding commission after every monthly payment.


Making money as a blogger is a way of earning money. However, to enter this kind of business, you need to be fully aware that it takes persistence, patience, and a lot of hard work.

It will take time until you will see the money to come into your bank account. Every article counts, and not until your audience starts to get the necessary trust in your advice, they will be willing to purchase anything from you.

Typically, it will take 5-6 months with frequent blogging until you will see the results. Some will hit the button and earn more money they ever could imagine. Others will never make a dime.

As a senior, you will automatically have the necessary patience to work through all the obstacles towards the final result and to get your blog to start delivering money.

The Shortcut to Your Successful Affiliate Online Marketing

If you still are reading this article, you are among the tiny group of people who has the highest probability to succeed with your affiliate business.

The purpose of this article, so far, is to show all the obstacles you will find on your way to run your own affiliate business. Of course, it is a mix of all the advantages as well. A completely transparent review of the reality for an affiliate marketer.

However, now comes the icing on the cake. The way many, including myself, find a more natural approach to success with your business. It’s not actually a shortcut, as shortcuts don’t exist in this business. Instead, it’s a way of making life much more comfortable and helping you to achieve your goal, faster and safer.

It’s a platform and system where you get all you need to start building your business today. You’ll get access to a site where you literally can build your WordPress website already this evening. Further, you will get all the training you’ll need, and the support will follow you 24/7. Last but not least, you’ll never be alone.

On top of that, you will get access to one of the most popular affiliate platforms in the entire industry. You will earn commission on every sale, and there will be a substantial passive income flow for you.

Before even thinking about all the other affiliate opportunities, enter to this first, and you’ll be on the right track for a successful senior affiliate online business.

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