With AI and ChatGPT it all changes 


AI and ChatGPT are free tools that allow you to automate your social media marketing, and it’s straightforward to use. ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence (AI) to post for you automatically on every platform you already use.

You can also use ChatGPT to send direct messages to potential customers through Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM’s, or text messages via WhatsApp or SMS. This article provides an overview of what makes ChatGPT different from other automation tools and how it can be used by senior entrepreneurs in particular.


What is the difference between AI and ChatGPT?

the difference between AI and ChatGPTAI, or artificial intelligence, is the technology behind ChatGPT. It’s also what makes it so powerful. AI allows you to automate tasks, usually taking up your time and energy.

But what is the difference between AI and ChatGPT? The short answer: everything! The long answer: read on!


ChatGPT is Designed to Reach Out to Every Platform You Are Already Using.


AI andChatGPT to Reach Out to Every Platform

ChatGPT is a trademark for software with the U.S. company OpenAI as the owner. The software ChatGPT allows you to reach out to potential customers on every platform you use. 

It’s a fantastic tool for us 55+ entrepreneurs, who may have less time to attend all platforms we connect to.

ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence (AI) to, for example, help you find new customers and grow your business by having real conversations with them in their language on the channels of their preference, like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.


What do I get with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT helps you automate the marketing of your business by providing a comprehensive suite of tools. The platform provides:

  • A chatbot that is easy to set up and use on your website, email marketing campaigns, and social media pages. It uses natural language processing to respond with relevant information about your products or services in real-time.
  • An analytics dashboard where you can view reports on traffic patterns, conversions, and sales figures for each channel (website/email/social media).
  • Customer support through live chat functionality allows users who have questions about their orders or other issues related to using the platform to get help quickly so they don’t get frustrated before making a purchase from you!


How to start with ChatGPT?

For a step-by-step guide to start with ChatGPT, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the ChatGPT website.
  • Click on the orange button that says “Get Started!”
  • Enter your email address and click on the orange button to confirm your email address.
  • Click on “Create New Campaign.”

That easy!

But before doing anything, I suggest you watch the video “AI and ChatGPT for Senior Citizens.”

AI and ChatGPT for SeniorsHere is the link to the AI software I’m using, which I recommend you try. In a way, it’s designed for us grown-up and experienced adults who want stuff that is easy to use.

This article, for example, is created by using AI and ChatGPT (pardon, copy.ai). The software made the basic content, and then I only went in to tweak specific phrases to fit my audience.


AI and ChatGPT are Not Only Here to Stay…!

AI and ChatGPT - Here to StayYou can get your free account to copy.ai and try it out. When I became a member of copy.ai, it took me just an hour or two to discover that it was the tool I would use for the rest of my digital life.

AI and Chat GPT are not only here to stay but to establish an essential cornerstone in the history of human development.

History shows that there are important pillars for the development of the world, like

  • Industrial Revolution – Replacing horses with steam machines
  • Technical Revolution – Inventions of the light bulb, telephones, the radio, TV
  • Digital Revolution – Data technology, computers, Internet
  • Artificial Intelligence – Automating repetitive tasks, speeding up work, and reducing human errors.

Click here and try copy.ai for free!


Your Online Business with a New Perspective

As an online marketer, the AI tool is positively shaking the whole business environment. Every entrepreneur working online with their businesses knows that a lot of work is required.

If you manage a blog, do email marketing, are active on different social media, and create ads, copywriting will always be needed. With AI, the time spent on those tasks will be substantially reduced.

Some days ago, I talked to a successful entrepreneur running a 7 figure online business. The copywriters were worried that their jobs would be replaced by AI and ChatGPT. In fact, the opposite happened. Now copywriters are producing more written material in less time. The final result will be that the average cost of a copy goes down, thanks to the improved efficiency of AI.

The AI tool will support every online entrepreneur in their work, regardless of their niche.

If you still need to start your online business, it’s the right moment to do it now. Creating the business with AI as your personal collaborator will increase the opportunity to get your business up and running in less time than ever.

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