You have all to win if you look forward and not backward

The phrase “all to win” you have heard hundreds of times, but is it the same as “nothing to lose?”

January is over. One month of 2019 is already behind you. There is nothing to lose. You already lost it… month of the year. Can you see all the negative vibes this way of thinking is generating?

There is nothing you can do about it more than analyzing and learn from history. Instead, if you make the same approach with an all to win mentality, you could say the same thing but in a different way.

“There are 11 months left of this year and have all to win by taking the correct action.”

The famous example of the half-full or half empty glass also reflects the same thing. After all, it all comes down to if you have a positive all to win attitude, or if you are more on the defensive side.

What is then the right or the wrong?

You can never give a clear answer to that question. It’s like asking a soccer or football coach, who are the most important players in the team, the ones in the frontline or the backline players. Further, the coach most probably will add that each game requires more focus on the players on the attack to make goals, or the defensive players to avoid the other team to make goals.

If You Prefer To Play An All To Win Game….

Play An All To Win GameUsing the metaphor about a football, you need to define if your game should be to make goals or if you need to be on the defense side of the equation. Whatever decision you’ll take, you need to take action to achieve your goal.

A lot of people would like to live a different life than what they are living today. However, their game is on the defense side and that way it’s hard to score. To live a laptop lifestyle and work on your terms is for many a dream. To get your dream to come true, you need to play an all to win game.

In fact, by getting access to this totally free workshop series, there is nothing you can lose. It’s all up to you, and the decision you’ll take will decide if you already lost one month of the year, or if you have 11 fantastic months left to make 2019 your best year ever.


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