How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) changing the rules of the game?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something having an exponential effect on all we do. In recent years, the development has been optimizing processes and simplifying tasks in personal and professional aspects, and marketing is benefiting tremendously from this advance.

Already three years ago, we were talking about how the digital revolution and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were going to change the rules forever. Today it’s a reality.

But why is marketing having such a significant advantage of this new way of “automated living?”


The reason

One of the primary objectives of marketing is to understand consumer needs fully. By knowing what your customers are searching for as detailed as possible, you can direct them to services or products satisfying those needs to motivate consumption.

In today’s world, this time-consuming process is very much automated, and by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) the right way, it’s possible to study and analyze the market. You will be assisted all the way through the journey to determine which potential customers are most likely to be persuaded. According to some sources, current AI technology can boost productivity by up to 40%.

So, the question of interest for you would then be, what can Artificial Intelligence (AI) do for you?

A lot!


4 Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Useful for Marketers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Useful for MarketersProbably you can find more than the following four types, and as time goes by, for sure more application areas can be added. The following four types you should use to leverage your business with AI fully.

#1. Automation

Automation is an indispensable tool for executing structured and repetitive tasks requiring a minimum of intellectual effort, and it’s designed to follow a series of steps or sequences. A good example is this blog post that automatically goes out to all subscribers on the corresponding mailing list. Imagine sending out thousands of emails manually.

The tool that every serious online marketer will find necessary to have is a professional autoresponder. You configure the software to send emails, newsletters, or whatever it could be exactly on your instructions.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.There are many different autoresponders out there, but I can highly recommend Aweber. It’s to integrate with other software you will need for your business. Their customer service is outstanding, and whatever problem that might pop up their attention is practically immediate.

As it is high quality and professional software, they can offer you a 30-day free trial, which will allow you to find out yourself how it’s working. You will be amazed!


#2. Automated Learning

One of the most critical tools in today’s digital world is education. The development is so fast that you impossibly can be up to date with everything. It would be best to choose and perhaps delegate specific tasks to other people you’re working with. Whatever direction you take, you should have a complete library at your fingertips and just choose what you would like to learn.

For this reason, it’s important to connect to a platform that thoughtfully includes education and training in their system. Since eight years ago, the system I’m using offers over 10,000 different training courses and covers absolutely everything you need to do business online.

Launch You will look after your training from the very beginning, by helping you to set up your business, and run it successfully.


#3. Outsourcing applications 

As you can understand from the previous explanation, and with the speed, digital development is growing, it’s literally impossible to do everything yourself. To be at the edge of the latest in the industry, no matter your niche, you need to be everywhere whole the time. As long as you “only” have 24 hours a day at your disposal (assuming no sleep), it’s an impossible mission.

The solution you’ll find is outsourcing. There are plenty of outsourcing applications available. You can choose the one fitting in the best to the task to be done. The globalization of the digital world also allows you to make agreements with experts around the globe.

Personally, I frequently use Fiverr and Freelancer, because they are two well-known applications with a good reputation. The truth is that with a bit of investigation, you can find real professionals doing an excellent job at a reasonable and fair price. The time you save by using these resources is priceless.


#4. General online business application

By now, you might be wondering what should be the next, or better, the first step to get all correct set up in this turbulent but fascinating online world.

Well, the answer could vary depending on who is delivering the message.

Being a senior baby boomer with a past career in the corporate world and not growing up with any digital education, I believe many in this audience can identify with my background. If that’s the case, then listen carefully to this:

The most important of all applications is to connect to a complete system and platform. This should be your base for the rest you are going to do.

When I’m talking about complete, it includes:

  • Education
  • Continues training
  • Coaching and support
  • Help center
  • Platform to build your website
  • Products and services to sell (affiliate marketing)
  • eCommerce specialists
  • Unique private community for interchange of ideas


Let Artificial Intelligence (AI) Do Your Work

Let Artificial Intelligence (AI) Do Your WorkThe trend in the market is that there will be more hybrids between automation, applications, and learning, so you can optimize your time and results.

If you could tell me which of all the tools would best suit you and your need, for sure your answer will be “all of them.” Therefore, Launch You thought about this evolution from the very beginning, and today, we can see how constantly more people become members. If not for anything else, the tranquility to know that all we will cover for you is reason enough to become a member.

As online marketers and digital entrepreneurs, we always need to be at the forefront. That’s a solid argument not to wait a single day to become a member of Launch You if you are serious about your online entrepreneurship. Click the box below and register for your free introduction webcast.

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