We are right into a fascinating era where artificial intelligence will play a significant role in your daily life.

Artificial intelligence is maybe a name of something that you already are familiar with. It’s all about the second level of automation. Robots and other similar tools doing work, traditionally assigned for humans will now get an upgraded version. Artificial intelligence will allow the robots also to calculate and to make decisions.

In a previous article, “Why You Should Seriously Consider The Digital Lifestyle,” from the 18th of January this year, we talk about the importance to no delay your entrance into a digital lifestyle.

Or, just view the following short video about what is happening, and what you can do about it.

Like it or not, but the development of more sophisticated tools and software will change our world entirely.

Artificial intelligence puts an extra touch on the whole digital environment.

Imagine, for example, your television to get artificial intelligence incorporated. Your TV will learn about the programs you like and be sensitive to your voice. Well, that kind of project is already on its way.

Of almost ready artificial intelligence application (AI), the self-driving car is the one that fascinates me the most. Thanks to AI there will not be tired drivers taking wrong decisions and maybe causing an accident. A computer will never be tired but making decisions on implemented algorithms.

The fear some people have to get up in a self-driving car is more based on lack of know-how how safely these applications really are.

All these applications and tools seeing daylight sooner than what you can imagine, require that you, me, well, all of us take decisions of how to act.

Artificial Intelligence Is Here To Stay And To Develop Further

Development of artificial intelligence
Development of artificial intelligence

When the new technological era was young, still a lot of people thought that this was something cool for the moment and it never should survive. I believe that those individuals by now have another opinion and approach to the digital revolution.

With all automation, digitalization and now also artificial intelligence, one thing should be quite obvious. Machines are taking over the labor market. Some professions will disappear faster than others, but all jobs are in danger (for humans.)

In a Forbes article from earlier this year, the figure is as high as 30% of possible positions to disappear in the U.S. only. Another 30% will have to make considerable adaptations in their labor, because of artificial intelligence.

Never before the world has seen so many new entrepreneurs going online. And there are two reasons for that:

  1. The digitalization of the world as a whole, shrink daily the size of the labor market. In other words, there are fewer jobs and the same amount, or maybe more, applicants.
  2. It has never been so easy to start up a business online. The investment to make is “peanuts,” and the technical part is user-friendly even for complete newbies.

The interesting part from a macroeconomic perspective is that while the total world economy is growing by roughly 3,5% per year, the Internet commerce is playing in another league.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, there are various countries in the G-20 group where the Internet economy represents 5% or more of the GNP. And the figures are going upwards.

How Can You Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Daily Life

Artificial intelligence in daily life
Artificial intelligence in daily life

As the first country in the world, Denmark is the first country in the world that has a Tech Ambassador. The ambassador will report directly to the Danish Foreign Minister and negotiate directly with the big Internet companies around the world.

This appointment not only shows the importance that progressive countries view the evolution of artificial intelligence. From a political and diplomatic point of view, it’s also a milestone for the modern world.

The Danish Tech Ambassador will establish boundless relationships. For example, the ambassador will negotiate directly with companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and the White House will not have any active role in such talks.

Exciting, revolutionary, and challenging changes going on!

Or, to quote the Danish Foreign Minister, Anders Samuelsen:

“Instead of just leaning back and looking only at the world as it was yesterday, we have to think of the world as it will become tomorrow – and perhaps as it is already today.”

The only way to not be a victim but a winner of the Internet and the artificial intelligence, do you know what it is?

Join in! ….and do it NOW!

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