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Baby boomers online for many “smells” like something incompatible. Indeed, people reaching a certain age in life (there are many noteworthy exceptions) are less tech-savvy. When we grew up, there were no cellphones, computers, and Internet, while the younger generations of today are almost born with a smartphone in their hands.

People born between 1946 and 1964 belong to the so-called baby boomer group. There was a high birth rate when all soldiers came back home after World War ll, and there is the origin of the baby boomer label.

There are many reasons why marketers pay considerable attention to this group of people. According to research, in the U.S, 23.5% of the population are baby boomers, as of 2019 figures.

Add to the facts that baby boomers make 20% more online purchases than Millennials. Further, 68% of baby boomers own smartphones.

By doing this short introduction, you can quickly figure out the importance of baby boomers online. Facebook is the favorite social media among baby boomers. In the U.S., 78% of all baby boomers use Facebook, compared to 71% for the whole population.

YouTube is growing fast in popularity among baby boomers, with 67% using it regularly. Most baby boomers use YouTube to learn something, while younger people go to YouTube to watch movies.

Even if very few took baby boomers into account when the digital wave started to speed up a decade ago, today, baby boomers online are more accurate than ever. They are consumers purchasing online and a growing group of people starting to do business in the digital environment. In various articles published before, we emphasize that no one is no longer too old to start a business online.


What Values are Baby Boomers Online Searching For?


Baby Boomers Online Searching ForMany variables are the same for any age group when it comes to purchasing or starting a business online and unique characteristics for baby boomers.

The fact that it’s so much easier today than, let’s say, 15 years ago to start an online business, and it brings in higher age people into the entrepreneurial online world. Today anyone who wants can start up an Internet-based business. You don’t have to be a technical guru to make it happen—more about the steps to take in the video below.

There are two ingredients that you must have to even be able to think about starting up a business, no matter if on a full time or just a side business you will do part-time. These two necessary ingredients are time and money.


When you start to surf around on the Internet searching for the business that fits you, it’s essential to watch out very carefully for what we call the “shiny offers.” When you come across these “tempting” offers telling you to only work 10 minutes per day to become a millionaire. Leave that page as soon as you ever can.

Starting a business online is indeed more accessible than ever before. However, you need to dedicate time to make it happen. The beauty is that you can choose how much time you would like to set off for the business. Many are doing it in their spare time, still keeping their 9-5 corporate job.

Time is a limited resource. We all have 24 hours a day, and that’s it. As baby boomers going into retirement mode, we have the advantage of having more time available. It’s your time that you can use the way you want to live the life you want.



In the same way as “time,” money is another resource you need. Any business adventure requires some sort of investment. Nothing is for free. The good side, though, is that starting a business online could cost you a surprisingly low amount of money. No one with the correct mindset needs to refrain from starting a business online due to financial reasons.

Again, once pushing the start button, you will be bombarded with all kinds of offers, apps, software, well, you name it. Be resourceful!

On the positive side, when entering the group of retired people, you usually will have savings or funds accumulated during your active years of working. Separate a small part of these savings, and your start-up capital is there for you.

Starting today, I will publish a series of videos on YouTube guiding typical baby boomers towards a successful start-up of their digital business. I will share with you all the successful steps and the mistakes I have made during my journey as an online business owner. Here’s is the first episode.


Retirement Planning with Baby Boomers Online


Planning with Baby Boomers OnlineBeing a baby boomer myself, it took me a long time to find out the seriousness of the problem most people face when about to retire. There is not enough money available from the pension funds to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to having.

Right now, we are on a mission to change this situation where people who are giving years of their lives contributing to the development of society deserve a lifestyle with a reasonable level of wealth.

The community, system, and platform mentioned in the video have helped many to find light in the tunnel and live a life of prosperity and happiness. Will you be the nest?

Get your free video series revealing how to launch recession-proof income streams from scratch. Click the box below, get your free video series, and start figuring out what this shift can mean to you as a senior citizen.


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