Become a winner by using a well-known technique


To become a winner is probably something that nobody denies having on their wish list. But from a desire to reality, the distance can be long, if you don’t use the “trick” Michael Phelps used during his golden years.

Every day Michael Phelps, the famous swimmer and one of the most awarded Olympic athletes of all time, can you guess what he did before jumping out of bed or going to sleep at night?

He saw the movie!

No, it was not his favorite Netflix movie he watched day out and day in until memorizing it. What he did was a visualization where he saw himself doing a perfect race.

He closes his eyes for a couple of minutes, like observing it all from the outside, visualizes each stroke, each breathing, and each kick. Then he lives his mind at the moment to turn around and absolutely each detail of a race he wins.

After repeating it all in his mind thousands of times, in this particular movie, he feels like continuing a pre-established program when in the real race.

One day, when starting a swim race of 200 meters butterfly which he of course was convinced to win, happens something peculiar he didn’t expect. His goggles weren’t correctly in place and water with chlorine begins to bother his eyes.

For an ordinary swimmer, this incident would have been a sufficient explanation to not reach the podium. But it didn’t for Michael Phelps.


The movie

He is “blindly” swimming remembering the movie, he has seen thousands of times in his mind. Each movement is repeated in his mind in a pre-programmed way.

This day, Michael Phelps made it again and wins the gold medal. And can you guess what he said after the race?

“It all turned out to develop just how I imagined it would. It was one more victory in a life full of small victories.”

Some call it for dreaming awake, but those who practice it call it for visualization. It’s a typical habit of successful people.


Anybody can Become a Winner


Anybody can become a winnerThis Michael Phelps story is something that any person can practice. It’s not about having certain resources exclusively available for a limited part of society. No, this is about your mindset and the way you decide to live your life. You can become a winner if you want to.

Since the beginning of my entrepreneurial career, I always got the advice to separate my business from my private life. To a certain extent I can agree with that, but then comes the question:

Where goes the border between your private life and your business?

As an entrepreneur managing a serial business, honesty and sincerity are two things you never can erase from your business values.

Having that in mind, for the first time since starting my own online business almost 8 years ago, the following video reveals something that comes more from my heart and not from a script board.

This is also episode #3 in the series “Retirement Planning with Baby Boomers Online.”


This video is episode 3 in our series “Retirement Planning with Baby Boomers.” If you missed the two first episodes, here they are:

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Your life is unique, the same way that mine is, and the same way that Michael Phelps’. Even if you don’t pretend to win an Olympic gold medal, the visualization process that Michael Phelps uses, you can start to apply today. Decide to become a winner!

Almost a year ago we talked about how to become a winner living the difficult consequences of a pandemic. Now when we almost have been trained on how to deal with this horrible virus, you should be able to visualize any type of scenario. As you can notice, it’s very much about how you think and not the degree of difficulties.


Do not copy/paste

The worst thing you can do is to copy somebody else’s life. Instead, learn from it and pick up the advice you find useful for your unique and personal journey.

As a senior citizen with a successful corporate career, I was triggered by the fantastic opportunity to do business on my own thanks to the Internet. Before, leaving the corporate world, by curiosity, I started to surf around to find out more.

After being trapped by some false scammy “get-rich-quick” schemes, I found the system that resonates fully with my desire and my values.

As grown-up adults, we can have many different reasons to start a business. I have found out two principal reasons among a huge majority of retired people or individuals about to retire in a near future.


Start Today and Become a Winner Tomorrow


Start today and become a winner tomorrowWe, baby boomers, belong to a very active group of society. To just spend the rest of the life on the couch, doesn’t go with our personality.

The second reason is money! Yes, that’s the cruel truth. Most retired people find out pretty soon that without an additional income stream, their lifestyle as retired must downgrade for financial reasons.

Isn’t that ironic?

When you are going to live a more relaxed life after a long career, the resources to live the life of your dreams are gone.

If you can relate to these two pillars, or should I say hurdles, in your senior life, please check out the way I solve them. Click here and get all the information you need, without any commitment.

….yes, there is one commitment you need to do: Start to visualize your success the same way Michael Phelps does.  CLICK HERE NOW!


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