Could it be that becoming your own boss will be your hit of the month?


Becoming your own boss will be your breakthrough this month by following a few simple steps. It’s a new month, and many use the start of a new month as a sort of reset point. So, let’s go for it!

In these uncertain times, the old idea of becoming your own boss gets a new dimension, a new way of viewing everything around you. Nothing is or will ever be like before. Coronavirus affects every human being, and that’s reason enough to also accept that every human being should be the architect for his or her own life.

With all people losing their jobs around the world, as a direct result of the pandemic we are into right now, we also wake up the idea of whether a typical corporate job is a solution for your future. Becoming your own boss and running your business as an independent gets a new flavor in the wave of virus chaos.

Many have already taken the step. Others start to look into it seriously. Wherever you are on your personal life journey, one thing is for sure:

“Becoming your own boss” is no longer a flashy slogan, but something real that you will see more of every single day. You have two choices:

  • Watch the movement
  • Join the movement


Do You Dream of Becoming Your Own Boss?


Dream of becoming your own bossThe truth is that many people dream of it and maybe you also dream of becoming your own boss. As always, there is a bad side and a good side to everything.

The bad thing is that if you continue dreaming of becoming your own boss, and it all stops there, you’ll belong to the group that watches the movement.

If you start taking action, everything will be different. By joining the movement, you will belong to the group that probably will have a bright future ahead.

Let’s do it right by taking these 5 steps. They will form a crucial foundation for your business as an independent entrepreneur.


#1 Choose your niche

If you are out shopping and your goal is to find a pair of running sneakers, where do you search for them? Probably a store selling sport products, and even better, a store focused on sneakers. Maybe you are lucky and find a place focused only on footwear for runners.

When you start your business, you need to decide on which niche you’ll be active in. That’s the niche where you are going to make all your work and investment to get your business profitable.

We all have a passion for something. In my case, running was a natural niche. The particularity of my passion for long-distance running is that I started late in life. The first marathon I did at the age of 57. So, passionate senior marathon runners with an interest to run your business as independent becomes to be my niche


#2 Investigate your market

Once you know your niche, there is work to do before starting up your business. You must do some research.

In the blog post five days ago, the importance of research was mentioned. However, it cannot be emphasized enough.

Is your niche big enough? I mean, if you and 20 more individuals in the world can be classified within the niche, the potential market will not be worth the effort to attract. Of course, you can get 20 committed persons to sign up for your tribe. You will never be able to multiply your business into something that will allow you to make an online income.

If you come to the conclusion that your niche is too narrow, you have two options. Either you can change your niche to something else that belongs to your set of passions. Or you can do as I did: broaden your niche!   

By not necessarily focusing on runners only, but all seniors searching for time to do what they love the most to do, you’ll get a much broader niche.

Thus, the description of my new niche….

Babyboomers who search for leveraging available time to do what they most love to do while earning money.

Now the niche will be sufficiently big to target and to do business out of your passion. You don’t change your passion but broaden it up a bit.


#3 Start a website

Whatever your niche will be, and whatever you are going to sell, your online business needs a “home.” Compare traditional commerce. What should happen to Walmart, IKEA, McDonald’s, Costco, or whatever old classical brand you can imagine without a store?

Your business needs a “store,” and that store is a website. On your website, you will present your business to the public and your targeted audience. You can run a variety of campaigns and build pages for service and community-related topics from your website.

There are many different website platforms to choose from. They all offer various features. It’s very much up to you to choose the one that fits best into your particular business concept.

Personally, I recommend WordPress. It’s a versatile platform that gives maximum flexibility.


#4 Outsource

This is probably one of the most challenging topics. On one side you need something about everything. Meaning that you need to involve yourself in everything to at least understand how it works.

That is very different from doing everything. To be frank, in the digital business world, in the long run, it’s totally impossible to do everything yourself. You need to outsource the most time-consuming tasks. What that should be is very much up to each and every one.

Focus on the strategical topics, and let other people (experts) do the rest. Use outsourcing applications like Fiverr and Freelancer. Using them the right way, you will get a lot of “free” time to your core task, bringing your business forward.


#5 Invest in your platform and system 

Last but not least. All the above sounds great in a perfect world. But imagine if you could get it all in one package. I mean, all you need to do, all you need to know, all the support and coaching you will need, all in the same box.

In fact, and I’m not joking, you can get everything you need to start an online business right here for just $99.


Becoming Your Own Boss is Still Something You Desire? 

Becoming Your Own Boss - Your DesireWait for a second……

What do I get for that money?

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