What to do before retirement and outlining a prosperous life?

Honestly, very few are doing it, but there are certain things to do before retirement and plan for life as retired that you would like to live.

My last blog post five days ago “How To Make The Most Of Your Time And Money When Approaching Retirement,” caused a lot of interest. In fact, it’s not a surprise because the uncertainty a lot of people have about their future retirement is increasing.

As a continuation of the last blog post, here follow some advice what to think about before retirement. It’s based on my own experience, both what I did and what I didn’t.

Most people think about the financial situation when it’s time to mentalize for the retirement. Of course, it’s an important part. This article in The Telegraph summarize in a nutshell the most important points concerning the finances.

However, money isn’t everything in life, and believe me; some issues could be even more crucial for a happy retirement.

Stay At Home Before Retirement And Cultivate Your Interests

Stay at home before retirement
Stay at home before retirement

1.Stay at home for more extended periods – Let’s start with the one of the weirdest and probably most forgotten topic. In my case, and I think that many people can identify themselves with me, I had a long-lasting career on a top executive level in a multinational company.

The position required a lot of work and traveling. The total number of hours spent at home together with my wife and kids were below average I would say.

The new life after leaving the corporate world gives automatically to you much more time at home. Figure out before retirement how that kind of life will fit in with your family.

I said that it sounds weird to test out how to have more time together with your family, but it’s a space that you have never had before that now has to be filled up with something.

2. Cultivate your interests and passions – During the active career life, the time is limited to dedicate time to your favorite hobby. Maybe you didn’t practice it at all. Before retirement, try to develop your hobby into a passion, and feel if it’s right for you.

There is nothing else that will damage a marriage as a spouse at home doing nothing. In my case, I could develop further my burning interest in marathon running. With more time available, and more flexibility when it comes to time, the passion for running is now an essential part of my daily life.

Find Your Real Friends Before Retirement And Explore New Places

Real friends before retirement
Real friends before retirement

3. Figure out who are your real friends – While in the corporate world you have contact with a lot of people. With some people, the frequency is so high and pleasant that you consider them not only as colleagues and business contacts but as your friends.

However, leaving the corporate world, you will get the surprise that a considerable number of those “friends” are just business contacts and nothing else.

From my own experience, the 80/20 rule applies. That means that only 20% of my pole of “friends” from the business world, are real friends with whom you continue a friendship after your corporate life.


Travel before retirement
Travel before retirement

4. Travel and explore new places – the job limits you to travel to places you have in your dreams. Either the time available or the financial resource to purchase the journey block the traveling.

As retired you will have the time you decide to have, and only the money will limit you to make the trip you want.

Before your retirement make a list of places you would like to visit and a plan how to get there. Once leaving your corporate position, you will notice how traveling, meeting new people and cultures, will enrich your life.

Ensure a Rich Life Before Retirement

5. Revenue and a rich life – Last but not the least; money, income, revenue, or whatever you would like to name it. It’s true that money isn’t all in life, but let’s be honest with ourselves, and indeed it’s an important part.

A rich life
A rich life

First of all, do something that most people forget, or are scared to do: calculate your exact income that will correspond to your monthly payout from your pension funds. Except for a tiny group of people who have monitored their financial situation their entire life, the surprise will be huge when you notice that your pension payouts will be much less than what you imagined.

There is an article that reveals the 10 biggest pension mistakes you can do. For average people, calculate that your income from monthly pension payouts will be between 70% to 20% less than your last salary.

Wherever you are on this wide span, the available money to cover your costs will be less. Either you have to reduce your cost structure or search for additional income.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, almost 19% of people in the U.S. 65 years or older are working at least part-time. This rate hasn’t been higher in 55 years. The figures vary from country to country, but the tendency is the same.

The group of older people is growing, and the pension funds remain the same or are getting smaller. The sad part of this new scenario is to find older people taking up low qualified jobs, only to cover their minimum income needs.

Before retirement think about what you can develop into a revenue producing activity and that belongs to your interests and passion.

Thanks To A Casual Eye Opener Before Retirement Life Is Better Than Ever

To develop further a hobby you love into a business will not only give you an income, but you will do what you love to do.The balance between money inflow and doing what you like to do is an essential part of a happy life when reaching the age of retirement.

As a businessman and my passion for business, I came across something that caught my attention. When still in the corporate world I started to develop this online business part-time. I could do it at my pace without any pressure, without any considerable investment, and with a very low risk.

Eye opener before retirement
Eye opener before retirement

The satisfaction culminated when I could decide when to retire from my corporate position, instead of being withdrawn from the company. The environment in the entire business world, as well as the labor environment, are going through dramatic changes, and it is happening right now.

Even if I never viewed myself as a traditional retired person, my life as retired is something that I wish much more people could live. It’s life where you do what you love to do when you decide to do it, where you choose to be, and all on your terms.

Some money will also flow in on autopilot to your bank account. A different lifestyle, a lifestyle that many people dream about and now even realize that it’s possible.

Today it’s Thanksgiving in the U.S., and it couldn’t be a better day to be grateful to the online marketing wave that hit my mind a few years ago. This eye-opener gave me the opportunity to ensure an incredible life when reaching the typical age of retirement. Let this day be your lucky day as well!

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