Being independent has never been more critical than today

We all hear a lot of being independent as something accepted of all people, but what does it really mean?

Every nation celebrates its date of independence. Being independent of what? Typically, when a country becomes free from dictatorship, colonialism, or anything else keeping the country under control by any force that doesn’t go along with the opinion of the people. And who can deny the importance of freedom?

The tricky thing here is to define the difference between freedom and independence if there exist any.

Well, freedom is a state of mind. You feel free to think and say what you want. Being independence is more absolute. You depend on something or someone to be able to act. For example, a child can feel free to make expressions as desired but are still dependent on his or her parents.

View freedom as a choice you make. Even if we are free to think, say, and almost act as we want, a lot of people do not see freedom as a choice. The reasons can be many, but the most common is an independence issue.

Being Independent Gives Freedom

Being independent gives freedom

During the time of slavery, slaves didn’t see freedom as a choice. No-one could interfere with what they had in their minds. Expressing their thoughts freely could even produce severe consequences, inclusively putting their lives in danger.

What’s the difference between independence and freedom?

Considering the opposite, being independent automatically gives you the freedom to think and say whatever you want. Of course, you will be responsible for what you say. Independence doesn’t only give freedom but also a responsibility to back up and defend your statements and actions.

With a regular corporate job where you trade your time and knowledge for money (your salary), you are dependent on your boss. You will do your very best to fulfill your employer’s expectation, as it eventually can give you higher financial compensation. If your boss sees and hears from you what he or she wants to see and hear, the probability also is higher you will climb the career ladder.

You are highly dependent on your boss. The freedom to say, act, and even think what you really want is limited to a well-defined frame.

Without even be aware of it, a lot of people spend the whole active life in this situation. They accept to hold back their freedom on a lot of things, to not hazard the career.

All the above is a short but straight to the point description of the typical relationship employer vs. employee. And most people accept it, as it still is the most common way to make a living. Of course, a lot of variations exist. Some people just don’t like to take the “risk” to be independent but prefer to be led through their life journey.

Can You be Partly Independent?

As our society is set up and how the labor market has been functioning up till now, only two choices are available: Either you get employed or “take the risk” to create your own business.

Being independent - partlyWith the online business growing faster than ever, the established “rule” of choice to make a living is about to change. A lot of people has already taken action and belong to the new era of successful and wealthy entrepreneurs.

It’s a new generation of individuals, no matter age, gender, nationality, race, religion or social belonging. This group of people thinks differently, serving and supporting is more important than competing.

Let’s face it, in spite of promises from political leaders around the world, the relative number of new job opportunities is in and constant decrease since time ago. The reason is the change in the structure of world commerce and business.

Several sources confirm the same: There will be fewer positions in the future and the Worl Economic Forum estimated earlier this year that 5 million jobs would disappear over the next five years.

Being Independent – The New Lifestyle

The digital environment that a lot of people viewed as something peripherical is now taking over the world economy. Prominent retail chains are announcing significant cuts in their store structure, making necessary reductions in the number of stores. Companies like Amazon are growing faster than ever. Amazon has a modern structure with a fully automated distribution. They get significant competing advantage by operating with much lower overheads and costs in general.

Being independent- the new lifestyleAt the same pace, prestigious universities all over the world start to get problems to fill up their courses with students. Young people begin to recognize that university titles and degrees don’t give for granted any position that can assure a decent living in the future.

The good thing and also the different way of approaching the new challenges waiting out there is that you don’t need to quit your corporate position to let your independence dream come true.

With the low cost, the Internet flexibility, and your burning desire for freedom, it is possible to be partly independent. You can start to build your own business during your spare time. Continue your regular corporate job until you feel “safe” to take a step towards complete independence.

Any moment is the right moment to take a decision. Start slowly and safely during your spare time. Taste, smell and feel the real freedom, where you, as an independent, decide what to do with your life and your future.

Start an Internet Business and live life on your terms!

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