To bend the reality is a talent that will allow you to view everything differently

To bend the reality is not a question of any action related to science fiction. Today it’s a reality more than ever. One of my favorite experts in these topics, Vishen Lakhiani, describes it as:

“How You Can Make The Impossible, Possible.”

Did you know that our thoughts, mostly unconsciously direct most of our actions? If you think that you are not able to achieve something, the truth is that you won’t make it. Your underlying thought is so strong that your whole mindset will be set-up to fail.

To bend the reality is sometimes mixed up with “thinking out of the box.” To be able to bend the reality you need to get rid of all “the boxes.”

The most well-known art where they bend the reality over and over again, are the magic tricks. With a professional magician on stage, you can be blown away of what can be achieved. The impossible happens!

Even if these magic tricks seem unbelievable, you know at the end that it’s all about illusions. Your brain is trained to think and reason in a certain way, and then the unexpected happens. Another way to express it is that you’re prepared to believe according to a specific pattern.

The word “believe” is a key-word when it comes to an understanding of how it is possible to bend the reality.

To Bend the Reality You Need to Believe

Believe and bend the reality

Viewing the image above, you will see how the two wheels are moving in two different directions. You know that it’s an optical illusion. However, the way the design is made, your brain is trained to view the wheels moving.

Your brain “believe” that the wheels are moving. Pretty scaring, don’t you think so? You know one thing based on your logical reasoning, but your brain forces you to believe something different.

All successful entrepreneurs, no matter the niche, have a strong belief in what they are doing and that the goal will be reached. You often hear that entrepreneurs fail multiple times on their journey.

On one side, it’s normal to fail while testing out a lot of different paths and methods. On the other hand, the failures do not interrupt the project, as the belief in the final goal is so strong that it over-ride all obstacles on the way.

Steve Jobs, one of the most famous entrepreneurs of our time, who actively used the phrase about the importance to bend the reality. The belief in his vision could often make his collaborators “go crazy.”

The belief in his vision was so strong that he even could fire people who refused to adapt to Steve Jobs’ vision.

Being a successful entrepreneur or part of an entertained audience with a magician on stage, both require a strong belief. A belief in your vision and a belief in what you actually see.

It’s all sounds like a trap in one way or another. In fact, there is a trap, known as Goosh’s Paradox, going like this:

“Things not only have to be seen to be believed, but also have to be believed to be seen.”

Your Future Depends on How Much You Can Bend the Reality

Bend the reality and create your futureIn today’s world with the Internet taking over almost everything in your surroundings, making business online is growing at a speed that sometimes is difficult to understand.

As the change of living and earning an income as an independent entrepreneur online is more prominent than anything we know from history, it’s difficult to believe everything you hear and even can see.

Most people are accustomed to the “classic” career pattern. Get a good school education, start working with a company that pays you an acceptable salary, and retire when you reach 60 or 65 years of age.

To think outside that pattern can be difficult, as your brain is trained to perceive the situation in a completely different way.

However, the cruel truth is that job opportunities within the corporate world is getting fewer, something that many people already have noticed. Therefore, they search for something where they not will depend on employment, which can disappear any day.

Start Today – Making the Impossible, Possible

To become your own boss is today easier than before, thanks to the Internet. You can start a business online without a vast start capital. You can even start your own business without having a product.

For many, this sounds like a fairy tale, because your brain is not trained to think in those terms. Without being ashamed, I have to admit that I was one of them.

Suddenly the temptation to try it gained over the “voice” telling you that this isn’t real.

Once hooked up to the new way of thinking, I’m more convinced than ever that more people deserve the chance to try it. The truth is that this might be your most important step ever to bend the reality.

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