The best blog posts 2020 according to your opinion


Our best blog posts 2020 have now been crowned by you. Sometimes when creating valuable content to deliver in front of your eyes, the assumptions can differ from reality. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand your sincere desires fully.

We will now register another fantastic blogging year. The best blog posts 2020, in your opinion, will be the leading start when publishing new articles during 2021.

Trying to find the common keywords for the best blog posts 2020, I would boil it down to the following six pillars:

  • Time management
  • Making money online
  • Online entrepreneurship for seniors
  • Being your own boss

Often you ask yourself why one article has more views than another. You can never address the answer in a few words, but the ranking depends on multiple things. After some years of blogging, you learn what works better and what doesn’t work at all.

When checking what the experts say, it seems that I start to cover most of what you will need for a good article.


The List of the Best Blog Posts 2020


The ranking of the list is based on most views.

As a passionate runner and online marketing entrepreneur, all my blog posts will be around those topics.

However, in your view, the most popular blog posts will always show my writing direction.

Let’s dive into it, and here comes the list of the five best blog posts 2020.


No.5 – 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Boss Already This Month


It’s not a random coincidence that this article is among the most popular blog posts. The horrible pandemic following each and everyone forced many to look for something else do. Millions of jobs disappeared, and some of them will never come back again. What earlier was considered as a safe job wasn’t that safe anymore.

The corporate world has, by tradition, been seen as a safe and secure way of making a living. That statement is now literally deleted from the radar of the new world order.

Other people, who still have a job, can see the old mindset to shake up its foundations. Searching for an additional income stream, maybe part-time becomes more like a prevention than an alternative.


No.4 – 3 Steps to Turn Your Passion and Online Business into a Successful Story


Close to the previous topic comes No.4 on the list, and it goes for everyone who desires to become their own boss. We all have something in life we are passionate about. It could be a sports activity or any sort of hobby.

When you practice something with enthusiasm and love, you become an expert, sometimes without being aware of it. Why not use this unique knowledge to teach other like-minded people in the market?

Often you underestimate the value of your know-how and do not see any market for it. Nothing can be more wrong! This article will take you from zero to hero and give you some tips to transform your passion into a profitable business.


No.3 – How Money Can Buy You Happiness for Your Life


We all have well implemented in our minds that you can’t buy happiness. Therefore, this article is a bit controversial.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the basis for the analysis. No matter how you view the topic, money is always involved in some way or another. It’s like being rich or being wealthy. Money is still there linked together, but you treat it differently.

Perhaps the turbulent life we all have been facing during 2020 is a reason why so many pay attention to this article. If you haven’t read it yet, do it and give your point of view.


No.2 – How to be Smart and Stubborn at the Same Time


The weird title of this article pays a lot of attention. Smart and stubborn sounds like an oil-and-water syndrome. When the reader dives into the article, a different explanation will be there. To be stubborn is often a challenge to the edge of the possibilities, and being smart can, for some, be classified as craziness.

As the pandemic is challenging everything in our surroundings, this article turned out to be very popular. The year when all people have to question everything, to go forward with whatever you’re up to.


….and the Winner is…. Number 1 Among the Best Blog Posts 2020

In any competition or ranking, there will always be a winner. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best one who wins. It all comes down to the criterion you use to select a winner.

In this case, you are the judges and have decided who the winner is.

A new digital lifestyle is in focus everywhere.

The pandemic is challenging your time, your income, and to be honest, it goes all over all age ranges.


No.1 – How to Make the Most of Your Time and Money at Any Age


All senior people mostly read this article with a different focus than what could be the case before the pandemic. The coronavirus chaos is hitting everywhere, and senior people are more vulnerable to this new situation.

If you lose your job, how to get a new one at the age of 60 when millions of job positions disappeared? Many seniors are about to retire, or maybe already retired. The illusions and dreams about how to enjoy retirement are, in many cases changing 180 degrees.

We all have time, 24 hours a day, to be precise. Like it or not, but we also have an age. We all need to look after how to assure the necessary money flow to enjoy a happy retirement.

The article published at the beginning of June showed up just in time when the pandemic chaos reached its peak. That could be an explanation for its popularity.


All-Time Best Blog Post 2020


Business Online Without MoneyThanks for being a loyal reader of my blog. The information obtained through the survey will serve a lot to continue delivering the content you like during 2021 and the years to come. The way you are ranking the top articles of 2020 shows what you want. Let’s dive deeper into these topics during 2021.

It would be a mistake not to use this space to show you which is the best blog post ever since I started this blog five years ago.

How To Start Your Business Online Without Money, published in June 2016, is without any doubt the blog post with the most views.

The popularity of the article shows two things:

  • Many people would like to start their own business online
  • Most people have no, or limited, amount of money to invest

The article’s challenging title invites people to search for an online business opportunity without having to invest any money. There are two answers to the question:

  1. No serious business opportunity exists without having to invest
  2. On the other side, if you have money to have lunch at your favorite restaurant, you can make it

The question you have to make to yourself, are you interested enough to give it a try?

Addicted or not, the digital evolution is moving forward with a continuous speeding up. Either you join the movement, or you will be left behind precisely like what happened to the dinosaurs millions of years ago.

If you take your desire seriously, I highly recommend you grab your free video series to make it happen this year.

All the best for 2021, and if you still haven’t joined the digital movement. CLICK HERE and learn how to launch recession-proof income streams from scratch. The free video series reveals it all.


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