To boost your creativity you need to go for a walk

To boost your creativity is something we all strive for, no matter what activity you are into. A business or any kind of activity without ideas is something that doesn’t survive. A constant flow of ideas is the nutrition.

As a passionate runner, I always get a lot of ideas when I’m out running. Especially, the days when doing my long runs, you start to boost your creativity after a couple of kilometers of running.

The idea of this blog post came up a few days ago when out for a 34K run. First I thought that it was something particular to me that all ideas come flying when out on the run. During that last run, I decided to start doing some research, and it was a surprise what I found out.

Not only one scientific investigation but many different ones point in the same direction:

You’ll boost your creativity by taking a walk!

The most well-known research on the topic is the one made by Stanford University. As so many times before, the brain and the way it functions is the reason behind the phenomena of how a walk will boost your creativity.

If you remember from my previous blog post, “…..You cannot feel or sense your brain. It’s just there and you know it’s essential for your life.”

How To Boost Your Creativity And Why It Happens

How to boost your creativityThe news for me when doing the research about how to boost your creativity while walking is that there is a scientific proof that creativity and walking are linked together.

The way your brain works can be divided into divergent and convergent thinking. The best explanation of what that means gives Anne Manning in this Harvard University report.

Now when we know how it works, the question will be: How to use it the best way?

Watch this short video I just shot yesterday….when out for a walk!

Entrepreneurship is very much about being creative, and to find new opportunities to solve people’s problems. It can be anything from improving already existing products or services to creating entirely new things.

Steve Jobs’ iPad and Bill Gates Windows are two good examples of new products to cover a potential need in the market. Uber and Airbnb are examples of improving already existing products. Uber changed the way of taxi transportation, and Airbnb changed the hotel industry.

Whatever your idea, goal, or mission might be you will always need the basics, in the form of education, system, and platform. Get those basics here. Click here, and you are in.

No idea what kind of business to start? Take a walk and choose among the new ideas when you’re back.


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