Is it smart to be stubborn?

Often in life, we feel really stubborn, but on the other hand, there are also moments when we feel pretty smart. So, what’s the difference between stubborn and smart? Or are there any differences? After all, it may be smart to be stubborn.

In general, society doesn’t like stubborn people. The word stubborn has a negative touch. However, when a parent uses his or her power as a parent to obligate their child to finish the food, or when you use the tight ties of friendship to convince your buddy to change their opinion about something, what are you actually doing?

Well, you are doing a lot of things. Still, without even noticing it, you enter a mode of determined persistence without limitations. This is what we refer to as “entrepreneurial stubbornness “. You can probably agree that it can be useful to be persistently determined in some instances, especially in the world of business.

The interesting question is, where is the line between determined persistence and foolishness, which is stubbornness going too far?

While searching for where this ‘line’ goes, the only thing popping up is that stubbornness converts to foolishness when there is 100% valid evidence that what you’re doing, saying, or thinking is wrong. But how often can you prove 100% valid evidence? This is a fine line that entrepreneurs must navigate, and it’s crucial to know when to persist and when to pivot.


When is it Smart to be Stubborn?

Is it Smart to be Stubborn?What do Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Walt Disney, Harland Sanders, Milton Hersey, and many more have in common?

Two things:

  • At some point, they all failed
  • Created very successful businesses

Reflect on the countless entrepreneurs who faced failure and chose to persevere. What fueled their resilience? The simple answer is stubbornness, a quality that can be a powerful driving force in adversity.

When you choose to go into business yourself, you must change your mindset from conventional corporate thinking, where you work a determined number of hours, do a specific job, and get paid.

You need to stop thinking in terms of trading time for money and see your time as an investment in your business. Starting and successfully running your own business as an independent entrepreneur is not for everyone.

It takes a certain personality and essential mindset to become successful. This includes a healthy dose of stubbornness and the ability to adapt and pivot when necessary. It’s about finding the right balance between persistence and flexibility.

Many people will tell you that starting your own business, especially an online one, which everyone can start without a huge investment capital, is foolish. “Trying to make money online is a waste of time, and you should try to find a real job. “

These are typical concerns, and it’s important to acknowledge them. However, with the right mindset and determination, you can overcome these challenges and prove the naysayers wrong.

As a first “teaser,” you’re on the right track if you ignore such bull-**it-talks and let your stubbornness dominate to achieve your dream.


Why It’s Smart to be Stubborn as an Online Entrepreneur

Depending on your niche and personality, there are various paths you can take. However, if it is smart to be stubborn, it depends on some crucial key factors. Watch the video and learn what they are.

Why It's Smart to be Stubborn

 Here is the link to the page mentioned in the video:

One of the reasons I use “Smart to be Stubborn” in my title is to provoke you a bit. To be stubborn has always been seen as a negative trait. However, when stubbornness is used with talent or vision, it can be the best tool for achieving your goals.

I consider myself as stubborn. Just ask my wife and children to get it confirmed (LOL). My stubbornness has helped me stay laser-focused on my goals throughout my career. And guess what? In most cases, I achieved them.

When I started my online business 10 years ago, I made the decision to go all in. (I must admit that it took some time to get to that point.) Nothing could stop me.


Where to start?

Based on my experience, my advice is to apply the “Smart to be Stubborn” formula in  the following way:

  1. Let your passion be your leading star. Do what you love to avoid failure
  2. Investigate a lot from all possible angels
  3. Make an honest S.M.A.R.T. analysis to get the “green light.”
  4. Get started, not as a “try-and-see” project, but go all in 100%
  5. Be stubborn, meaning that your previous analysis (if done correctly) will be your daily roadmap.   

You will have to face a lot of problems as well as successes during your journey. It’s completely normal. It’s like crossing the Atlantic Ocean as captain of the ship. You don’t change your final destination because of an unpredicted storm in the middle of the ocean. Still, you have the tools to master and sort out the storm problem.

This roadmap was why I joined LaunchYou (back then, Six Figure Mentors). You must complete points 1-3 above on your own, as it’s your unique “journey.” Ten years ago, no help existed to help you get clear on bullet point 4. Today, joining the ModernWealthy training will give you an excellent tool.

It’s not a lucky coincidence but a logical consequence that most people joining ModernWealthy continue with LaunchPad to go all in.

If this resonates with you, click the box below to join ModernWealthy.

Whatever you do, view stubbornness as a golden quality of persistence.

Be smart, be stubborn, and succeed!

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