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No change – no progress!

Nobody would seriously state that they don’t want to make progress in life. But how many are really making progress?

In a moment, four simple tools to achieve the desired progress will be pinpointed.

In many different forums, it has been mentioned that the unwillingness to leave their comfort zone is one of the main reasons why people do not progress or even fail in life. Experienced business people talk about progress as the only alternative. Repeating the same results over and over again is the same as going backward.

In my blog post on the 1st of September, it was mentioned that,

“Life is like a marathon race”

……and a couple of reasons were given why it is like that. However, the greatest explanation and totally endorsing my opinion, revealed by Andrew Johnston when giving business education to young students.

Watch his Tedx Talks video here, and you will get a new and fantastic view of how to approach challenges in life. It could be any challenge.

Personally, I get very excited when watching the video because seven years ago, I made the decision to train for my first marathon as the only way to not cheat myself in my physical training. To run 26.2 miles or 42,195 meters, you just don´t make it without a proper plan and training. Since then, I have made 17 marathons and will continue to make a minimum of two marathons per year until my body tells me that it’s enough.

It sounds weird, but at the age of 63, I’m now catching an eye on the world record holder for the oldest marathon runner, Fauja Singh, who, in 2011, completed the Toronto Marathon at the age of 100.


It’s All About The Small Things…

One of the most quoted statements in the entrepreneurial environment is that of Thomas Edison, who, after many failures, intended to invent the electric light bulb.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas A. Edison

Analyzing what Thomas Edison actually said is exactly what Andrew Johnston is saying in his Ted video.

“It’s not about doing the OCCASIONAL BIG things, it’s all about doing the CONSISTENT SMALL things”

Andrew Johnston.

Year after year, decade after decade, it’s all repeated again:

Being entrepreneurial is all about progressing step by step, failing and correcting, trying again, again and again until the final goal has been achieved.

Even though Thomas Edison was approached by people trying to turn him down after failing 1,000 times, he just carried on his project. His conviction to reach his goal was stronger than the obstacles, and therefore, in the end, he was successful.

Training for a marathon requires the same mindset. You have to consider many small details, such as eating right, hydration, resting properly, and the exercise itself.

You are on a mission, and you need to take it seriously.

Even if it’s raining, it’s cold outside, or for any other reason, your little “voice” behind your ear tells you to skip the training. You know that it isn’t acceptable.

Some people argue that by reading and studying, they will get all the necessary knowledge to run their business successfully. The classical example brought up by Andrew Johnston in his video, learning to ride a bicycle is not only a question of reading a textbook about the theory behind the technique to apply. I don’t know any person mastering bike riding without “painful” trial and error practice.

The seven key factors for successful entrepreneurship to run a business, such as….

Character – Life skills – Passion – Work ethics – Persistence – Determination – Consistency

…..go for any activity you would like to perform seriously in life. If they are not in place, your goals will be achieved with difficulty or not achieved at all. Whatever project you have in the pipeline, try it out and you will find how important these seven key elements really are.

No big things, but so very important!

This brings us to the point of wrapping it all up into the four tools to achieve your desired progress. This applies to any activity in life, from personal topics to business tasks:

True desire

Without a TRUE desire, nothing will happen. What is a TRUE desire?

Well, in our society, we all have a tendency to follow certain trend leaders, and sometimes, we “adopt” these leaders’ opinions as if they were our own. This doesn’t mean that trend leaders are bad, as they often can inspire us to do something that becomes our own desire later on.

In terms of marathon training, if you don’t have a true desire to make it, it will be extremely difficult to commit yourself to strictly following the laid-out training program, which can sometimes be tough and painful.

A real plan

Nothing can be done without a real plan, which means a challenging but realistic and detailed plan. Based on my starting point when constructing my training program for my first marathon race, I had to consider where I was physically and also mentally.

If I had gone for a program to run under 3 hours, for sure, I would have failed because it shouldn’t have been realistic. If you start a business and go for 1 million in profit within 2 months, most probably you will fail. A real plan also needs to cover all aspects of the business, and not only the core part producing the income.

A real marathon plan cannot only cover pure exercise but also aspects of food eating, hydrating, mental training, etc. Running a business successfully is a multitask topic, and your plan must properly cover this.


This is a necessary mindset you need to have during your exciting journey. If a True desire and a real plan are properly in place, an important part of the necessary determination mindset is already there. You will struggle during the project, and your correct mindset will help you to execute with the necessary determination.

It could be that your first product launch or marketing campaign failed. Based on your experience and implemented strategies, you will be able to analyze the reason behind the failure rapidly, and you can continue by making some small changes in the setup.

In the same way, Thomas Edison tried thousands of different materials for his light bulb until he finally found the correct one. As a marathon runner, you will face failures multiple times. It’s normal, and at the same time, you have all the tools to make the necessary corrections.


If Determination is a mindset, Persistence is how to materialize this mindset. The most famous example when it comes to marathon running is the well-known “wall,” which will appear around mile 18 or 19 (kilometers 29 – 31). All energy is gone, and your body has to use accumulated carbohydrates as the main source of fuel. “The wall” is always there and will always be there waiting for you.

However, you can train on how to afford “the wall” in a better way. A professional runner will also hit “the wall,” but as a spectator, you will never notice it because they are so well trained on how to behave when “the wall” appears.

Exactly the same goes for business. How many times during your lifetime have you had the opportunity to experience a global financial crisis? During these years of turbulence, you will never see a Warren Buffett or Richard Branson go bankrupt. Do you know why? By a well-established Determination and a well-executed Persistence, they have trained and learned how to hit “the wall”.


Chance Or Change

We are all different, we all have different goals in life, and we all behave in different ways.

But when it comes to progress, there is only one way:

Challenge the Change

… and do not rely on chance.

Have you ever gambled in a casino, starting with $100, and went out with $1,000 in your hand? Perhaps you have tried Lotto, where the jackpot can be astronomically high, and you had the luck to be the owner of said jackpot? Have you ever won any significant amount of money in any lottery?

Don’t worry if your answer is “no”. You belong to the group of a huge majority.

So, why should the scheme be different for other opportunities in life?

If you desire to run a marathon, you know what to do. With the desire to improve your relationship, you have the tools to make a plan. If you desire to be your own boss, you can also use the provided tools to achieve the goal.

desire is to not be left behind in the extremely high-speed development of doing business online, well, then the tools are there for you. If you would like to try a proven system where real income will be a reality if you are using the provided tools, well, then click here, and without paying a single cent, without making any kind of financial commitment, you will get full access absolutely for FREE to a 7-days video series (more than 6 hours), where everything will be explained to you how you can challenge a change in your life.

There is only one requirement to ensure your success:

Your True Desire for a Change

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