Combine multiple passions the correct way and be happier than ever

To combine multiple passions may sound difficult for many. The truth is that doing it the right way will enrich your life. To not get lost we first need to identify what a passion is and what it isn’t.

Among all definitions of passion you can find, this one written in an article by Brett Baughman, also gives space to how to combine multiple passions.

“Your passion is the thing you most want to do or the thing you most want to become, even at a subconscious level. Your particular passion is what you would do, right this moment, if you had no fear of failure and no limits.”

Too many fall into the trap to be caught into a sort of social behavior pattern. They believe they have a passion for something because of a massive “pressure” by the social groups they belong to.

You can find many different advice about how to figure out your real passion. However, to make it easy there are two steps that never should be missing.

For any true passion there are two significant steps:

1) The process

2) Do what you love to do

Often people skip the first step, which actually represents up to 70% of all the work together.

Hate the process and love what you do!

Muhammad Ali is a good example. He often said that he hated every training session (the process). He was totally aware of that by not cheating yourself on the process, you will enjoy every second when up in the ring doing what you really love to do (passion.)

Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates struggled for a long time, sometimes working around the clock until their products saw the daylight. Their passion for what they were going to achieve was so strong that the tough process along the way, didn’t stop them.

Is your passion real?

To find out if your passion is a real passion or not there are different methods you can use to not unconsciously cheat yourself. The following simple mind test is working well for me.

When you are resting and disconnected from all surrounding stress interrupting your “dream away” mode, think about a scenario where you can view yourself within 10 years. It can be anything from enjoying life at a tropical beach to helping poor people to a better life. Be generous and try to come up with a couple of different scenarios. A warning here! Money, luxury cars, yachts, and material stuff can never be a goal. They can be tools to achieve your dream. People trying to be a millionaire will probably fail with their process, as it doesn’t represent a real dream.

After identifying a couple of dreams, try to go forward in your life some 20 or 30 years and assume that you achieved those dreams or goals. Take a look backward in your theoretic life review. Try to identify the targets with all processes that you without any doubt would repeat again.

The funny thing when doing this reverse exercise is that you will find dreams that actually are false dreams for you. On the other side, if the same dream remains strong in both tests you make, the probability is that you identify a true passion.

To Combine Multiple Passions Could be Your Solution

To combine multiple passions

I’m fully aware that you don’t give a damn thing about me, and what I’m doing with my life. Anyway, I will use myself as an example of how you can combine multiple passions to achieve your dreams.

Since childhood, my interest in sports has dominated my lifestyle. Running and the interest to compete with others is triggering me whole the time. Not until I decided to take marathon racing on my list of dreams seriously, I had to rethink a lot of things in my life.

The process of getting the training done is tough and consumes a lot of time. The same way that Muhammad Ali hated his training, he also enjoyed every second when up in the ring fighting.

It can’t be described with words the feeling of total satisfaction when lining up for a new marathon race. With my marathon number 22 to be run within 10 days, the passion for this fantastic sports activity remains stronger than ever.

Don’t let your job stop you!

The typical corporate job I had some years back was a real obstacle to get all the marathon training done and to be able to live my passion for running entirely.

The search started for something that could give more free time, better flexibility but at the same time making a living. Doing business online as an independent entrepreneur and business owner becomes evident while surfing around on the web.

The affiliate business I’m running today makes a perfect match to my passion for marathon running. The passion that triggers my effort to do business online is the freedom. The freedom to work and run when I want and to benefit from both activities in perfect harmony. It’s a way to leverage your passions in a perfect and optimized way. This is one example of how you can combine multiple passions and live the ultimate life of your dreams.

Conclusions of how to Combine Multiple Passions

  •  Identify your true passion or passions. Make tests to not fall into the trap of false passions.
  • Figure out the necessary requirements to be able to live your passions as you want. A “good enough” mentality doesn’t work. It would rather be a proof that you are not passionate enough to do what you plan to do
  • Whatever you are going to do in life, you will always need money. That’s the way our society works. However, never let money be a driver to fulfill a dream, but a necessary tool to make your dream come true.
  • Curiously you will find that a typical 9 to 5 corporate job in most cases will be an obstacle to live your real dream fully. To combine multiple passions will in most cases require that you make changes on how to make your living. To be an independent entrepreneur running your own online business isn’t something for everyone. However, if your desire is strong enough to do what you’re passionate about, it’s not a difficult task to go through the process required to be successful online and to live life on your terms.

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