Connecting hearts – that’s what it’s all about after all…..

In a few days, it’s time for connecting hearts again. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But if we say it’s time for Valentine’s Day again, then you probably feel more familiar with the introduction.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration that can be traced back to more than 400 B.C. A priest in Rome is killed and after that declared as a martyr.

Whatever the details about the origin might be, the most important is that such an unclear origin survives as a tradition more than 2500 years. The response can impossibly be another than the need for love, romance, friendship and appreciation of all humans.

Can it be better summarized than…..Connecting Hearts?

Since the day becomes more commercialized in the United States, people are spending more money on Valentine’s Day than on Mother’s Day. Total Valentine´s Day spending in the U.S. only, reach the incredible amount of $19.7 billion. It all starts several hundred years ago with interchanges of love cards, followed by candies, chocolate, flowers, and jewelry.

The 14th of February, which is a date the church decides back then, is the day many cultures earmark as the day of love and friendship. Isn’t it a little bit absurd that a day in the calendar has to be assigned to love and friendship? Shouldn’t love and friendship be a daily task?

Andy Warhol’s famous quote is probably the closest we come to infinite love and friendship.

“I think everybody should like everybody.”

Connecting hearts might be the way to redirect the Valentine’s Day celebration. It’s not about giving away a lot of stuff. The commercial part of the day must be secondary.

When you’re talking about connecting hearts, there must be more than one heart. Otherwise, to what are you going to connect?

Connecting Hearts Is An Every Day Topic

Connecting hearts every day

The point here is that you often forget yourself in the equation. It’s true that receiving always starts with giving, but for that reason, you should be careful to avoid going for good things in life that you deserve.

You have a passion or maybe various passions you would like to cultivate, but time, money, or whatever it might be is holding you back. Trying the approach of connecting hearts is not only the correct moment to do but also something that can change your life. Today it’s more valid than ever as the digital evolution is taking over everything you’re doing in your life.

To being independent and reporting to no one else than to yourself, is probably something you have been thinking about some time. Might be that your 9 to 5 job today doesn´t give you the necessary space. Time to spend on all the interests and passions you have in life.

The good thing is that by trying out what brought me into the online business environment some years ago, you will blow your mind away.

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To belong to the community of this outstanding tribe of enthusiastic entrepreneurs is something that differs from many other systems and platforms. It’s a community where connecting hearts is the basis for everything you will do.

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