Why is the Cyber Monday Sale speeding up?


Cyber Monday Sale has been a commercial phenomenon starting in 2005, while the first black Friday dates back to the 1950s in Philadelphia. Read more about the history of Black Friday in my article published one year ago.

Before diving into the new commercial event, Cyber Monday Sale, let’s get some statistical figures to frame this mega event.

According to NRF (National Retail Federation), in 2022, during the week between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday (5 days), the breakdown of the sales looks like this:

  • Thanksgiving: 17.2 million in-store / 36.2 million online.
  • Black Friday: 66.5 million in-store / 88.0 million online.
  • Small Business Saturday: 51.0 million in-store / 56.4 million online.
  • Sunday: 24.6 million in-store / 39.3 million online.
  • Cyber Monday: 20.3 million in-store / 77.0 million online.

What is sticking out is that online sales exceed in-store sales during all five days. Further, Cyber Monday sale online occupied the second place with 77.0 million, only 11.0 million below Black Frida online sales.


The Drivers Behind Cyber Monday Sale

Drivers Behind Cyber Monday SaleAs all sales during the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday tend to go together while online sales constantly are increasing, most probably, these mega sales days will soon be relabeled to “Cyber Week” or something in that way.

We will no longer talk about the Cyber Monday Sale but the Cyber Week Sale. The drivers behind it can be summarized in three words:

  • Online sales
  • eCommerce
  • Affiliate marketing


Online sales

Going back to the stats above, online sales exceed traditional in-store sales during all five sales days.

There is no doubt that sales and marketing are taking over from traditional retail sales. We no longer talk about “if” but “when” marketing and sales will go from in-store to online sales.

The figures from the stats above clearly show the tendency. Add to the online development what AI can contribute, and we should all be convinced of where we are heading and what to expect in the future.



eCommerce is one of the principal driving forces for Cyber Monday sale…or better, Cyber Week. Every day, more people are making their purchases online. Who hasn’t bought anything on Amazon, eBay, or similar platforms?

Cyber Week is today a tradition in the U.S. Thanks to digitalization, it’s now easier for companies other than those from the U.S. to enter the market. Further, the online world has expanded the market to be more international.

As a “normal” citizen with an entrepreneurial mindset, this Cyber Week event opens up tremendous opportunities to compete with the “big guys,” something impossible a few years ago.

What is new and exciting is that eCommerce is now possible for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset. You don’t need to be a well-established company with huge financial resources.

With a couple hundred dollars and the willingness to do the required work, you can have your eCommerce up and running before Christmas.

The shortcut to this gigantic commercial potential is joining the correct system and platform to set up your business correctly. Just check this, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

For more details on how to make it all happen, watch the video further down in the article.


Affiliate marketing

Perhaps you don’t have any product to sell or want to bother about products to market. In such cases, affiliate marketing is the way to go.

By promoting other companies’ products as an affiliate, you can start to create income streams without limitations.

Of all worldwide brands, 81% have some sort of affiliate program. Further, 16% of all eCommerce comes from affiliate marketing.

To start an online business, no matter if eCommerce, affiliate marketing, marketing agency, or something else, mandatory for success is one single thing:

The correct system and platform!

In the video further down, you will get more meat on the bones, and all question marks about affiliate marketing will be bent out.


Your Own Cyber Monday Sale is Today!

Imagine one year from now. You are approaching Cyber Week, and your eCommerce and affiliate marketing system is set up and ready to get your piece of the multi-billion sales.

So far, so good, but how to make all this happen?

Watch the video, implement what is recommended, and voilà!

Your Own Cyber Monday Sale is Today!

Here are the links mentioned in the video:








Let This Cyber Monday Sale be Your Turning Point

Let This Cyber Monday Sale be Your Turning PointOnly a few years ago, setting up your own online business was a real struggle. The circumstances have changed rapidly; honestly, anyone can do it without being trapped in a continuous failure mode.

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