If Black Friday is dad, Cyber Monday is the son


Cyber Monday is a commercial phenomenon starting in 2005, while the first black Friday dates back to the 1950s in Philadelphia.

Since the early 50s, Black Friday, one day after Thanksgiving, has been a tradition since then. It’s the day when retailers launch huge discounts to attract more customers. It has changed from “one-day-deals” to a month of special offers during the last half-century.

Strategically Black Friday is a perfect day for all retailers to initiate the Christmas sale. As the world is becoming more digital, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent opportunities for foreign companies to grab the “piece of the cake” of the vast U.S. market.

Black Friday 2022 will be on the 25th of November. Last year, the typical Black Friday offers started on Thanksgiving and continued into Cyber Monday, which always happens on the Monday immediately after Black Friday.

This year, Future Publishing estimates that Black Friday sales in the U.S. will reach US$ 158 billion. As an official start of the Christmas sale, retailers get an excellent opportunity to boost sales for the last weeks of the year.

Despite the impending recession, 76% of U.S. consumers plan to purchase something during these days of discounts. Their average purchase budget is US$574.

We know that tough times are approaching (see my article a few weeks ago,) but on average, people will spend a considerable amount of money these days

Black Friday, and now also Cyber Monday, have been extended to other countries as well. The ongoing digitalization makes erasing commercial boundaries easier and even more natural.

More people every year are making their Black Friday purchases online. But the total online sales on Cyber Monday are superior to the online sales on Back Friday.


Black Friday + Cyber Monday = Cyber Week

Black Friday + Cyber Monday = Cyber WeekConsidering that the original Black Friday event over the years has been extended to both Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, it’s hard to separate the days from a commercial point of view.

Further, the increased online sales on all these three days tie it all together into one huge mega event with a continually increasing percentage of online sales.

In between come Saturday and Sunday. Thus, there is a clear tendency that it all will be transformed into a mega weekend starting on Thursday of Thanksgiving and ending with Cyber Monday. Add the increased online involvement, and you can see where the future is heading. So, don’t be surprised if the name is changed soon to Cyber Week.



eCommerce is one of the principal driving forces for Cyber Week. More people every day are making their purchases online. Who hasn’t bought anything on Amazon, eBay, or similar platforms?

Cyber Week is today a tradition in the U.S. Thanks to digitalization, it’s now easy for other companies than those from the U.S. to enter the market. Further, the online world has expanded the market to be more international.

As a “normal” citizen with an entrepreneurial mindset, this Cyber Week event opens up tremendous opportunities to compete with the “big guys,” something impossible a few years ago.

You need to join the correct system and platform to get your business set up correctly. If eCommerce is your “cup of tea,” you can create such a business within the proper platform.


Affiliate marketing

Perhaps you don’t have any product to sell or want to bother about products to market. In such cases, affiliate marketing is the way to go. And do you know what? You are not alone. By promoting other companies products as an affiliate, you can start to create income streams without limitations.

Of all worldwide brands, 81% have some sort of affiliate program. Further, 16% of all eCommerce comes from affiliate marketing. Of course, how much you will earn as an affiliate depends on many things, but to give you a hint, 61% of affiliates make more than $US81 thousand per year. Of this group, 19.5% earn more than US$ 1 million annually.

To start an online business, no matter if eCommerce, affiliate marketing, marketing agency, or something else, mandatory for success is one single thing:

The correct system and platform!


Your Cyber Monday is Today!

Your Cyber MondayAnd what does such a system look like?

You need this:

  • Training on all levels, making it possible for complete newbies to succeed
  • Coaching and support to get help to set up your business the correct way
  • Professionals with proven track record teaching eCommerce
  • Successful affiliate marketers giving “over-the-shoulder” advice
  • Platform to build your business website and blog
  • System to monitor every movement in your business activity
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Money back guarantee for every purchase you make within the system
  • Affordable prices to join the system and platform

Looks like a list to Santa, but this is today a reality that makes online business something anybody can create, no matter age, gender, nationality, religion, background, or experience.


Training, training, training…

The first recommendation is to join the Modern Wealthy training if it sounds good. For a one-time fee of only US$37, you will receive a training package worth US$1,594. It’s more than a 97% discount. Now we are talking Cyber Monday bargains!

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Once you have gone through the training, you will get a complete overview of the potential this system and platform can give you. It will also be an excellent opportunity to figure out if this is something for you. Let’s be honest, and this is not for everyone. We are all different, and to invite you to invest U.S. $ 37 in yourself to figure it out is a fair deal.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Fortunately, most people love what they will see once inside the training program. But if you, for any reason (no question asked), find out within 30 days that this isn’t for you, just let us know. Your US$37 investment will be refunded immediately. We will even let you keep access to the courses.


Get started!

For those who “fall in love” with what you will see during the training sessions, the next natural step will be to get started and build your business. You need full access to the system and platform to do that.

To not disappoint you, I will recommend you get our “All-In-Package.” You can build your business without any limitations for US$97 and a humbled monthly fee. During your “journey,” you will constantly be in touch with our coaches, helping you with whatever you need. You will never be alone!

Again, our brave money-back guarantee will always be there. If our “All-In-Package” doesn’t fulfill your expectations, just let us know within 30 days, and your money will be refunded immediately.

On a day like today, with everybody searching for the “perfect” Cyber Monday deal, agree that something superior to this will be challenging. However, there is one step before all this can become a reality. You need to take action and get started!

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