Become a winner by dominating the technique to deal with objections


Deal with objections the right way, and your success will improve substantially. The cruel truth is that most of your lost sales are due to a lack of an appropriate technique to deal with objections successfully.

When starting my career as a vacuum cleaner rep, the most challenging part was to be invited into a potential customer’s home. Once inside, unconsciously, we did almost the impossible to come to a closing, being fully aware of the time it would take to find the next customer.

We, who belonged to the best sales reps, had a closing rate of around 50%. In today’s digital marketing world, a reasonable closing rate, actually the best of the bests, only reaches 30%.

Of course, the initial targeting influences your closing rate. As a vac sales rep, we only visited districts at specific social and financial levels. But once you hit the correct people in your marketing, it’s all about converting your audience into purchasing customers.

In my previous blog post, we went through the sales process, from defining the customer’s needs to closing. It all follows a “closing-proof” path if there are no objections from the customer. The truth, however, is that objections are more a rule than an exception.

By using a professional objection technique, you will even provoke customers to launch their objections. Dealing with objections is a fundamental part of your success. Your closing rate will improve exponentially if you do it correctly.


To Deal with Objections will Make You an Expert

Deal with Objections will Make You an ExpertThe three steps method explained in the continuation will transform you into an expert on objections. Most people view objections as obstacles when the reality is entirely the opposite.

To deal with objections is not about challenging an argument against another but meeting the customer in her or his position. 


Understand the customer’s point of view

Why do customers launch objections?

Suppose you are doing your sales pitch correctly. In that case, an objection is seldom an expression of not agreeing with you but represents something different.

  1. Interest – by doing questions, which in some cases are seen as objections, could be a consequence of the customer’s interest in your product. If the customer doesn’t question anything, the risk is high the level of interest is low.
  2. Involvement – No matter your personality, we all have an emotional part. If you become enthusiastic about something (a product, for example), you would like to engage and be part of the group that uses it. It’s like identification with the product. 
  3. Inclination to purchase (purchase signals) – This is probably one of the most common objections. You have mentally already purchased the product but would like to challenge your mental decision to get a confirmation that you’re finding is the correct one.
  4. Misunderstanding – To not fully understanding the product’s benefits is a valid reason for which the customer comes up with an objection. Many sales are lost at this point, as the sales guy tries to win the “battle” by arguing when a didactical explanation is what the customer is asking for.


Refer back to the customer’s needs

When the objections start to come, the worst thing you can do is to start arguing with the customer. No matter who’s right and wrong, any argumentation at this point will have one winner: the customer.

Instead, remember why you even got the opportunity to dialogue with your prospect. The fact that you have the person on the other side as a prospect that signed up to your list as a lead means that the “hook” in your first contact drew your prospect’s attention. 

It could be a blog post, YouTube video, ad, or something else. The initial interest is a consequence of the customer’s needs.

Suppose your “hook” is to help people to add an extra income stream to their existing income. In that case, there is an apparent interest in finding out how to add that additional income stream.

In digital marketing, we have an excellent opportunity to target the audience based on the needs we are searching for. All platforms, from Google to Facebook, provide valuable information to you as a marketer to put your message in front of people who need what you are promoting. 


 Turn the objection into an irresistible question

Having these two first steps well defined and knowing how to execute them, the success of the third and last step depends entirely on how well you do steps one and two.

The way you should deal with objections varies from case to case. It’s like a soccer player getting an opportunity to make a goal. The millisecond to decide how to kick the ball behind the goalkeeper must be based on routine and training. If you should go through an analysis process before taking the decision, the opportunity will be gone before you even touch the ball.

In marketing, it works more or less the same way. The objection is often emotionally loaded, and a quick reaction is required not to lose momentum.

Turning the objection into an irresistible question triggers the potential customer without going into a self-killing argumentation.

There are three basic question techniques that always work.


Yes…but technique 

“Yes, I understand your point of view, but….”

“Yes, it can seem that way at first, but….”

These two examples can have multiple variations, but the point is:

  • Do not argue with the customer but agree
  • Show empathy by agreeing
  • Turn it all into a question by continuing your statement with a “but….”

“…but, have you thought about how you can run this business during evenings and weekends?”

“…but, as you said before, you need to earn more money. Isn’t this an excellent opportunity?”


If- technique

This technique works well to help your customer to find a solution. Often, it’s combined with the “Yes…but technique.”

“Yes, I understand that you don’t have the necessary money for such an investment right now, but if I could find an affordable alternative for you, would that be of interest?”

No arguing, but keeping a friendly dialogue with your customer to find the solution that initiated the conversation in the first place.


Refer to a third-party technique

Has it happened to you that you visit a restaurant or a shop of any kind based on a recommendation from a good friend? Maybe you have seen their advertisements, but your friend’s recommendation made you decide to visit the place.

As humans, we all have different levels of trustworthiness. A good friend belongs to the top ranking when it comes to trust. Use that in your marketing. Maybe you can’t refer to a friend of the customer, but you can come close.

“Many of my customers have found that….”

The fact that you are referring to someone who already purchased makes the statement powerful. No matter how professional you are, your prospect will always view you as a salesperson trying by all means to get your product sold.


Get the Ultimate Tool to Deal with Objections and Generate Sales

the Ultimate Tool to Deal with ObjectionsWith the questioning technique described in this article, we are only scratching the surface of what is possible in the marketing world. Even with a vast sales experience in the offline world, there was a sort of vacuum when entering the online industry.

When becoming a member of Mentors, I found a system and platform that resonated with my ideas of how professional online marketing should be done for solid growth. It’s all about getting satisfied and happy customers.

With continuous updating, the platform now even gives you tools to deal with objections that might appear along the way.

To meet people at their levels, we can offer three different ways of becoming a member of this outstanding platform, shaking the entire online marketing world right now. 

You can begin with a Starter Account for free. This free account aims to get you inside the digital marketing world.

Most people go for the Modern Wealthy account, which offers you more opportunities inside the platform. With an investment similar to a Big Mac meal, you are in.

Perhaps you are ready to go all in and sign up for our LaunchPad package. You’ll get all you need and can focus 100% on starting and growing your business completely from scratch without previous experience or knowledge.


Communication is the backbone of your business

This article and the previous one give you the essence of professional sales. As you probably notice, communication with your audience is key to success. 

When you enter a shop, the purchase will not be made until you speak with a salesperson, explaining all doubts you might have. It could be that you buy the product but also that you leave the store without any purchase. In most cases, it all depends on the trust or lack of trust toward the employee who attended during the visit to the shop.

Trust is one of the most important and powerful reasons people buy or refrain from buying. 

So, why should marketing online be different? Well, it isn’t!

Your communication with your leads after entering your list will be the primary explanation for your success…or failure.

To handle appropriate communication with your leads, you need a tool. In the online world, the tool is called an autoresponder. It helps you to keep fluent communication with your leads with information of interest to your prospects. I recommend Aweber as the tool you should use for this purpose. It allows you to target your leads the way you want and to provide your audience with the information they need.


Shortcut to what you need

In summary, all you need to get started is a system and platform giving you access to all you must have in place to get started. You decide which one fits best for you and your situation:

Starter Account (free starting up account)

Modern Wealthy (most popular)

LaunchPad (all-in package)

With any of those alternatives, you’re getting started. Now you’re only missing your autoresponder:

Aweber (you can start for free)

If you still have questions or doubts, CLICK HERE to contact me immediately. Together we will sort it all out.

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