To detect scams is the art of discovering the confidence trick.

Every single online marketer has been a victim of scams. But they also learn how to detect scams. For newbies starting up online overloaded with enthusiasm, motivation, and energy, it’s easy to fall into the trap of scammers.

The oldest and most famous scam that has been alive a long time before the Internet era is the famous Nigeria scam. It’s a kind of prototype of how to use people’s confidence to squeeze out as much money as possible.

Often the scam “industry” becomes an important income source for those non-serious people online. They invest time, effort, and money to make the scam products shine as they should. The goal is to attract their victims.

As Internet commerce is relatively new and with legislation units not up to speed, there is still a kind of “wild west” on the Internet. Major players as Google and Facebook set their own rules to avoid that at least their platforms will be invaded by scammers.

Today’s video will give some hints and advice on how to detect scams. And also what to do to protect yourself against those “confidence tricks.”

A Few Simple Steps To Detect Scams

You don’t need a lot of experience to find the pattern of how the scam offers are presented.

The following list will serve you as a core to detect scams:

  1. Refund guarantee – In today’s competitive online world, not a single company dares to go out and offer any service without a 100% money-back guarantee. If it is a physical product, they should also offer the guarantee to be able to return the product within a period of time. Scammers normally do not have any guarantees of these types.


  1. Support – Check up the support you will get before making any commitment. Scammers seldom have any kind of support.  If they offer support, it’s often fake support without any human being behind.


  1. Value – Check up very seriously what real values you will get with the product or service you are interested in. Scammers have a tendency, as part of their confidence trick, to try selling in empty words.


  1. Unsubscribe – Any serious online marketing company has plenty of places where you can unsubscribe to their newsletters or whatever communication tools they are using. Scammers do their very best to hide as much as possible. It’s literally impossible to get rid of their communications.

The most important tool you can use to detect scams, or better off, avoid scams, is to experience yourself. After quite a short time you will know if it’s something serious and real you are hooked up to. Nothing can replace your own criterion and judgment.


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