Do you know that digital automation will be your best ally from now?


Digital automation has been going on for a long time. It’s a silent movement so far and very much divided into different age categories.

Millenniums who almost were born with an iPhone in their hands is the generation that more naturally is adapting to digital automation. We who belong to the large group of baby boomers need to go through a process. Whatever age group you belong to, no one will escape the digital automation.

While most politicians in the world continue to promise more jobs, at least one world leader acknowledges that digital automation is changing the job market. That is the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. In a question session a few years ago in the well-known site Quora, he explains the investment the Canadian government is doing to help people adapt to the new reality in the labor market.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs, predicts that 2022 automation will contribute 42% of total task hours. Thus, there is no doubt about where we are heading.


The pandemic is the catalysator speeding up the digital automation

The era of automation isn’t only a proven reality. It’s developing fast. The evolution is like a Tsunami, no-one can stop. Like it or not.

Do you remember Kodak? The giant in the photo world. They dominated the market completely for decades. Who could imagine that this “stable” company should disappear entirely from the map?

Some people predicted what was going to happen—the people who were already heavily engaged and involved in the new environment of automation. Already 2012, the book “Race against the machine,” by the investigators Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee was published. The New York Times mentioned the upcoming publication 9 years ago.

What is exciting and, at the same time, scary is that the same old history repeats. In a previous article this year, “How the Digital World is Taking Over the Show,” you’ll get a more in-depth analysis of what is going on in the digital world. The pandemic we are facing right now is speeding up the process.

The digital automation is not only taking over more of the market but also increasing in speed. In the video below, also included in the article mentioned above, some figures are revealed. The only difference since January is that the numbers are increasing from the prediction back then.


Jump Up on the Wave of the Digital Automation

speeding up the digital automationThe increasing speed of technological automation becomes more than obvious. Two years ago, BBC developed an app where you can type in your profession and get a reasonable estimation of the probability that your job will remain or disappear.

As you can notice, there are plenty of jobs that just will disappear due to technological automation.

For example, suppose you’re into telephone sales. In that case, the risk is as high as 99% that your job will disappear within short, or better, a robot will take over the position.

A study by The Oxford University, together with Deloitte, shows that about 35% of current jobs in the UK are at a high risk of technological automation over the next 20 years.

The comparison with a Tsunami at the beginning of the article isn’t that bad. A Tsunami no-one can stop. Now we have a horrible pandemic instead. Both the catastrophe scenarios work the same. They speed up the automation and awareness among the entire population that something is changing.

However, getting information in due time, you’ll have an opportunity to prepare and be handling things quite well, once the Tsunami hits the shore. The pandemic already showed that we all are more automated than what we could imagine.


Internet Marketing and Digital Automation 

Wave of the Digital AutomationMark Minevich, Co-founder of Going Global Ventures and ventures of GVA in Silicon Valley, wrote an article, “Globalization’s Second Act is The Digital Boom” in the magazine Forbes. He foresees the digital boom as a logical consequence of the globalized worldwide economy.

Thus, technological automation isn’t an isolated event but something much bigger. It’s part of and a continuation of the modern economic evolution.

Internet marketing is the name of the game. What does it mean?

Join a company, system, or platform of your preference and start doing business through the Internet and the enormous online world.

There are many ways you can proceed, but if you belong to the average group, as I do, with typical user knowledge of all that has to do with the Internet, I recommend you make it as easy as possible.

That “easy-peasy” formula is affiliate marketing. You promote other companies’ products and cash in your commission once the product is sold.


Everything starts with the first step

If you connect with the right company, you don’t even have to sell the product. Somebody else will sell it for you.

The automated system you need to use is already there for you. You don’t need to bother about any technical issues.

Finally, you need to get all the necessary training and coaching to get your business rolling.

But does that company exist, might be your question.

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