The digital economy invites you (and the rest of the world) to join in, or….

The digital economy is literally shaking the entire world in many different aspects. You know about the agriculture revolution and also about the industrial revolution that took place a couple of hundred years ago.

Now we are here again! A new revolution is going on. It’s much more silent than the previous ones, and it’s called the digital revolution, or the new industrial revolution. The digital economy we are living in right now is a result of what has been going in “silence” for a couple of decades.

You might think we have been here before so what? But I will tell you something. We have never been here before. This time it’s completely different. There is a change going on, from the old traditional retail economy to the new digital economy.

China as an example, the digital economy is growing roughly 3 times faster than the overall national growth.

Not so long time ago humans used to hunt to survive but as you know, humans are smart. So we made tools to make our work easier. It’s how economies grew, and living standard rise. The innovations have so far been focused on automation by replacing human physical labor with more efficient tools. What’s new with the digital economy is that part of the human brain is replaced by robots, computers, and other devices connected to the online world in one way or another.

The Transport Industry Is A Visible Example Of The Effects Of The Digital Economy

Join the digital economy
Join the digital economy

Let’s take the transportation industry as an example. In the United States only, about three million people are employed in that segment. If we go worldwide, minimum 70 million jobs you’ll find in the transportation industry.

The question is not if these jobs are going to be replaced by self-driving cars and trucks but rather when it will happen. These vehicles already exist, and the industry invests an enormous amount of money in various projects related to the self-driving cars.

Don’t take it as a bad joke when I’m telling you that the Uber cab you will order within a couple of years will be a self-driving car stopping in front of your door. According to studies, even the ownership of cars will disappear.

Without going deeper into the topic, you can easily understand that the digital revolution will make a tremendous impact on the labor market. Within approximately 20 years, calculations point out that more or less 50% of today’s job positions will disappear.

So the question is what to do? And the answer is, join the movement! Join the digital revolution and take advantage of the digital economy!

One human quality, strength or weakness depending on how you view it, is the skepticism about everything that is new. The strong side of it is that we can minimize the risk to jump on to something that is completely false. The weak side of it though is never to change opinion even when you get many proofs about the reliability.

The Digital Economy Will Challenge You

In general, there is still a vast number of people who are doubting about the whole concept of the digital economy. And do you know what? I was one of them.

The digital economy - a challenge
The digital economy – a challenge

From being utterly reluctant to everything that had to do with online marketing, making money online, and all that kind of publicity, by an incident I would like to say, I came across the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) about four years ago.

They didn’t ask me for my credit card number. They didn’t tell me to hurry up because their offer should be gone within five hours or something in that way.

Instead, they challenged me to make a self-analysis. I had to figure out if I was the right person for this business and if I was the right individual for SFM. In the end, they invited me to download the complimentary 7-days video series to get more details about how it all works.

I started as a part-time SFM marketer, and only six months later I left my corporate job to dedicate 100% of my time to create my own online business.

What I primarily found as a digital marketer was not directly money related, but a whole new lifestyle I had never experienced before. To be where you want, when you want, all on your terms, that my friend is priceless. With my laptop and an Internet connection, I can be anywhere in the world without losing contact with my business.

By the way, I’m writing this article from Europe, far away from home. This was something impossible while working in the corporate world, trading my time and knowledge for money, and to building other people’s dreams.

Finally, I am now my own boss.

How The Digital Economy Will Change Your Working Environment

A digital economy working environment
A digital economy working environment

Have you ever wondered if those stories are real or not? I mean, the guys sitting in the coffee shop working with their laptops and thousands of dollars per day floating into a bank account while sipping on their coffee.

The truth is that it happens quite often. It becomes true if you know what you’re doing and that you have the correct tools. Let me explain, and I will be completely transparent with you.

The truth is that 97% of people trying to be a marketer on the Internet, they all fail. But instead of analyzing the reason why so many people fail, (here is an accurate article about the main failing reasons,) let’s find out what the 3% make to succeed.

One of the critical success ingredients is to have a complete system on which you can rely. What I mean by that is a system covering absolutely everything from training and support on all possible levels to a platform allowing you to run your business almost on autopilot.

Read more in my article “Why You Should Seriously Consider The Digital Lifestyle,” published a year ago. The content is more valid than ever.

Baby Boomers Crushing The Digital Economy

Baby boomers and the digital economy
Baby boomers and the digital economy

We baby boomers can create a new business based on our experience, knowledge, and now also the new variable, the digital part of it. The digital economy will give you opportunities never possible to fulfill when we were younger.

“But I don’t have the product to sell.”

“….and sales is not my strong side.”

That could be some of your objections. Don’t worry! The fantastic thing about affiliate marketing, which is the business idea of SFM, is that you don’t need a product.

You will get not only one product but several products. And you don’t need to sell them yourself. SFM will make the sales for you, and you will just cash in the commission once the transaction has been concluded.

Sounds too good to be true right? At least that was the way I thought when I was where you are now. It’s what I call the healthy skepticism. You will have this as a human when you come in contact with something entirely new. However, this skeptical way of thinking won’t serve you right now.

So, why not give it a try? Get your 7-days video series and the 30 days completely free trial of the whole system. Figure out by yourself if this is something for you.

The digital economy is expanding fast. You decide if you are going to observe how the movement is going forward like an accelerating avalanche, or if you would like to be part of it.

Take the first step to learning how to turn any passion into a successful online business.

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