Coronavirus in alliance with the digital world!

The digital world is something that everybody talks about, but a lot of people still not taking it seriously enough.

It’s not only here on a short visit while the pandemic will last. The digital world will dominate your life from now and onwards. We are not talking about a “yes” or a “no,” but rather how you will relate to this new digital world.

Going back in history for a while, there have always been evolutions going on.

The car replaced the horse. Earlier the agriculture revolution took agriculture to an entirely new level. And the industrial revolution replaced human labor with machines and tools.

All these examples of evolution implied benefits for the human being. Products and services became more efficient and cheaper. The economic growth started to speed up, and in the end, the general wealth improved.

There are always people who refuse to accept development as something natural in our lives. Take a look at this Swedish journalist who years ago convincingly claimed that computers never would be a tool in an ordinary home. You will laugh for minutes after viewing the video.

Most innovations of today have their primary focus on digital development. You do not even react anymore when buying tickets via your smartphone. Who lines up at the bank nowadays to pay bills and to make other transactions? The modern bank system is highly digitalized.

To just get a feeling of the global Internet growth, the number of users has grown from 0.4% of the world population back in 1995, to 58.7% by January of 2020.

Some call it for the next Industrial Revolution, others for the silent revolution.


Coronavirus in alliance with the new digital world

Whatever you would like to call it, one thing is for sure: You can’t ignore the digital world as something that doesn’t bother you.

Suddenly and without any experience, the entire world is hit by a virus that literally closes down the business world. If you’re lucky to still have a job to go back to when this is over, you probably work from home right now.

Like it or not, but you’re forced to work and communicate with your different digital devices as your indispensable working tools.

In that sense, you can argue that Coronavirus and the booming Internet utilization are in alliance with each other. Imagine this virus pandemic without any digital tools. Total isolation and the closedown of the world should be the result.


How Should You Approach a Digital World


How to approach a digital worldAs you right now are reading this article, you are lucky to belong to the group of 58.7% that connect to the Internet. For sure, you already have used several of the features the Internet allows you to do. Maybe you even are a frequent buyer on the Internet.

Never before I have seen so many deliveries of boxes with the Amazon logo on it in the area where I’m living.

So far, however, most of the 58.7% group use the digital facilities to purchase different products and services. If there is a buyer, there must be a seller at the other end. Maybe you never think about the idea of being on the other side, the selling party.

The majority of people do not even dream about making a profitable business of their Internet connection. Usually, they do not think in those terms as they believe that it is a vast, complex, and costly project to start an online business.

To be honest with you, I was one of them. Once understanding how utterly wrong I was in my perception of doing business online, the digital world finally enters forever in my mind as well.

Watch my video, published three weeks ago, and find out if you also are positioned on the same wrong mindset path as I was some years ago.

 Does the video content make sense to you?

Are you “hungry” enough to give it a try?

You can read more about this topic in my blog post, “Why You Should Seriously Consider The Digital Lifestyle.”


It’s showtime

If the digital world is taking over the show, at least allow yourself to be present in one of the performances.


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