Digitalization benefits are much more than making everything digital


Many raise the question about digitalization benefits. The question becomes relevant among us grown-up adults who grew up in an entirely undigitalized world.

Where most people go wrong is about the Internet versus old traditional tools. Digitalization is not about moving old processes and tools to the Internet. Instead, it’s about thinking in new ways and developing your business, daily routines, or whatever it could be to the new digital environment. Entrepreneurs and business owners who realize this change will be the winners in today’s contemporary world.

The obvious question will be how to use the Internet and get digitalization benefits. How to relate to the continuous technical development in our society?

In last week’s article about side hustles, the focus on retirees being active with activities generating revenues could be an excellent introduction to this article.

The new technology shape society, industries, and people. It puts everything upside down. We must refrain from staring at the technical part to fully understand the digitalization process.


Digitalization vs. digitization

What usually is called digitalization is instead a process of digitization. Written letters on a piece of paper become emails, where analog letters and numbers were transformed into binary numbers, “1” and “0”. Connected stoves, smart refrigerators, and electric toothbrushes with cameras are nothing else than technological traps. Digitalization is something completely different.

To achieve digitalization benefits, we need to use the Internet to change habits and create new expectations.

With these basics in mind, also new needs and business ideas arise. Using the Internet correctly lets you find the perfect project that fits your vision, interest, or need. After all, it’s what we all strive for; do something that leaves a footprint and brings meaning to life.

Using the Internet as the engine, all ideas can count on support from the global digital society, no matter how strange. You can find other people with the same interest as yours. It doesn’t matter how narrow your niche is. One of the most important digitalization benefits is that you can more easily create a new business concept, start a company and reach your target group in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Are you a winner?

For sure, you have come across websites about rare products or services you could never see before. Glow-in-the-dark toilet rolls, dinosaur taco holders, and showerhead speakers are just a few examples.

With an overwhelming stream of information available on the Internet, it’s easy to find people as nerdy as you are. You can say that the Internet has killed the need to be “normal.”

You are a winner if you see this new environment’s enormous potential.

In this video, you will get helpful tips on taking advantage of and getting digitalization benefits from this new digital world.

Here’s the link to the $37 training mentioned in the video:

Almost three years ago, when the pandemic peaked, I published this video about the digital evolution. Take a look, and compare it to today. Almost everything mentioned in the video, as the future to come, is a reality today.

Time flies, and you’ll better board the plane of the future not to lose what’s coming next.


Digitalization Benefits Can Change Everything for You

Digitalization Benefits Can Change Everything for YouThe importance of not mixing digitalization and digitization cannot be stressed enough. Digitalizing correctly will make all solutions more cost- and time effective. To be for any use, all technical solutions must contribute to some sort of benefit.

Don’t forget that you, as a human, have an essential role in the process. Digitalization benefits should serve you and not replace you. The digital technique should never take over your own thinking or let you lose your ability to think independently.

Having this essential frame about digitalization benefits clearly identified, you will approach the connection to digital platforms differently. You will view it as a tool serving you and not as a magic application doing your work.

The Mentors and LaunchYou platforms I belong to fulfill all the criteria you need to join the digital world with you having complete control over what you are doing.


Your next step

Digitalization Benefits - the next step

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Take your time and figure out all you need to take the next step. You will get advice on the best path for you in due time. We are all different and require different attention and solutions.

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