To disconnect to connect could be what you need right now


Disconnect to connect, tune out to tune in, or unplug to unwind, and what else comes up in your mind?

It’s all about opposites and quality time with people in your life. No app exists for that so far! The digitalization of the entire world is proceeding at a pace accelerated by the ongoing pandemic. Many are now more in contact with their smartphone than with real people. In a previous article, the technique to get in control of social media is analyzed more in detail.

When did you invest in yourself the last time? I’m not talking about new clothes or any other material stuff, but things like time to learn something new and, of course, to relax. 

Did you know that the efficiency of your brain to develop new ideas will decrease considerably with a saturated mind? To come up with new ideas and think in new directions, you need mental space to succeed.

One of the most common mistakes we make as enthusiastic entrepreneurs is to allow ourselves time to relax. The passion is pushing us forward to work too many hours a day. The paradox of such working days is the opposite of what you plan. You are afraid to lose opportunities. Therefore, working around the clock, you only punish yourself with a lower efficiency as the outcome.

We all have different biological clocks. Some work better in the morning while others prefer evening sessions. Personally, I’m highly efficient early in the morning, and later I get less done during the day. For sure, the biological clock has something to do with it. Still, without any doubt, the saturation of your mind during long working sessions influences more than what you imagine.


Disconnect to connect

Disconnect to connectAt first sight, it could seem to counteract to disconnect to connect. However, when making a break, even if short, your brain will get the necessary space to communicate with your brain and all ideas spinning around. As a passionate runner, I always get new ideas when out for a run and allow my brain to approach everything differently.

To approach your particular business or entrepreneurial project, always take these three steps seriously.


Be curious and try what you learn

All entrepreneurs get “internal input” from thoughts and observations. Some ideas could be completely “crazy,” and others more “decent” ones. As long as the idea, no matter where you find it on your crazy-decent scale, try it out, even if on a small scale. Sometimes, the craziest idea could be the innovation of the century.

Can you sell a rock as a pet

Sure you can, and you can become a millionaire. So, brainstorming with yourself and trying out ideas is something every entrepreneur should consider as an essential behavior in the entrepreneurial toolbox.


Listen and learn from other people

With an open mind without boundaries, you can get information and input from other people when you expect it less.

Suppose Viagra initially intended to lower blood pressure and Coca-Cola to cure morphine addiction. In that case, you can imagine what can be achieved if you listen around and let your mind process all input you get.


Read and learn

They all have something in common, no matter which one of all famous and successful entrepreneurs you would like to analyze. They read a lot! By reading, you get information of all kinds. You also can experience how known facts are approached in different ways. Maybe, the approach you are reading connects to you and your way of thinking.

Besides being a tremendous source of information, reading will help you disconnect to connect better after you’re ready with your book, magazine, or whatever you’re reading.

When I decided to change from the written paper books to digital reading via my Kindle, I noticed something new. You can be reading more than one book at the same time. It sometimes happens that I have up to four different books going on. The available time for the moment and the mental mode I am in is a decision variable for which book to read on a specific day.


Disconnect to connect – Change Your Lens to Zoom

Disconnect to connect – Change Your Lens to ZoomOne of the first problems you will recognize when starting out as an entrepreneur is the lack of necessary time. On one side, your passion and ambition make you cover as much as ever can for the best of your business project.

It will not take long until you find out that prioritization is an essential issue for your business. You need to avoid all “good-to-have” apps not representing the lifeblood for your business.

The second thing you will notice is that you must outsource a lot of work. It’s humanly impossible to get it done within the 24 hours time frame for one single person.

Talking in photography terms, you need to decide if you’re going to shoot pics with a telelens, wide-angle lens, or a standard lens.

This complex decision to make, fortunately, has another solution: use a zoom lens. You know these lenses where you can take a picture of an ant and seconds later a pic of a sailing yacht in the sea.

How to use your zoom lens?

Translating this zoom lens concept to online marketing and entrepreneurship has its own name: 

All-In Package 

If you still are reading, it means that this disconnect to connect topic makes sense to you. Don’t let it stop there. Click the box below and get your own “zoom lens” today.

You will get absolutely all you need to start your own online business today; nothing is forgotten. Coming back to the question at the beginning of this article, when did you invest in yourself the last time? To invest in yourself is the best decision you can make. Break the routines and start aiming for the lifestyle you deserve with your new zoom lens. 

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