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To do what you love to do, I assume everybody would like to do in life. However, the reality is somewhat different. Your objections probably pop up faster than you read the title of this article.

Humans have the incredible creativity to make excuses faster than everything else. Nothing wrong with that. We are all humans, right? The fantasy of erasing the excuses does not follow at the same speed. Therefore, the arguments to not do things tend to win the “battle.”

Think about it for a while. How often haven’t you been brainstorming with yourself, a friend, or a colleague, and it all stops there? It could be for any reason, but the truth is that most ideas you get during your lifetime will never be concluded in something concrete.

Freedom to do what you love to do uses to stop at the point when you realize that you have no money or time to do it. You accept the argument and continue life as usual.

Age is one of the most common reasons people refrain from doing what they dream about. Age is indeed something you can’t avoid. We all get older. That’s it, period…or?

This is the first time since I started my blog seven years ago that I will expose myself by using my life journey as an example. It’s nothing to brag about, but I believe it could serve as an example to show how you can decide your destiny without having an excessive amount of money or age to your advantage.


Do What You Love to do Because it’s Your Life


Do What You Love to do - it’s Your LifeAt the age of 56, my youngest son challenged me to run a marathon. The challenge was accepted on the spot without knowing precisely what you needed to run 42,195 meters. The honor of being challenged by your son is, of course, a trigger, but the curiosity of the unknown is an ingredient leading to the plan.

And that’s the essence of it; a plan. Immediately, a professional plan came into work, a method for me based on my experience (or non-experience) and a realistic goal. Somewhere in my head, the age issue triggered me. Run your first marathon at age 57; how cool is that?

The discipline to stick to the plan almost became an obsession. A few 10k races and even a half marathon two months before the final goal, the marathon, gave me good vibes. We were on it.

This first year as a serious marathon runner also gave me other insights. It’s an inexpensive sport, and you only need to make a well-thought-through investment in your running shoes.


Race day

Eleven months later, this new passion in my life should culminate in my first marathon race. Being fully aware of the “wall” to appear during the second part of the race, I kept pace according to my plan. After 4 hours and 20 minutes, the goal is achieved.

What a feeling! No one can fully understand this happiness unless you’re a runner.

That was the start of a new passion of mine. Eleven months earlier, it was just a challenge to fulfill. By the end of this year, I will run my marathon number 25 at the age of 70. In the beginning, national races were on the agenda. But with growing enthusiasm, experience, and motivation, I have been in the starting blocks in Chicago, New York, Boston, Berlin, and London. With a personal record of 3.49;42, the passion for this sport became something I had never thought about earlier in life.

This is not to brag but to show that you can do anything you want. Do what you love to do and forget about your age or any other objections from your family and friends. People always try to turn you down in your surroundings, and do you know why? They are jealous and do not have your courage.

To do what you love to do in life is something that everybody should focus on. You don’t need to choose running. Maybe you have any hobby or particular interest you would like to do more seriously. Just do it!


Do What You Love to do With Total Freedom


Do What You Love to do With Total FreedomAlmost my whole life, I have been in the corporate world. I was lucky to see the world with good positions and have even been living in different countries.

The backside of the corporate world also made a presence. No matter the job you have, you`re just a brick in a business that isn’t yours. To trade your time for money isn’t just a cliché. It’s a reality!

In my case, I didn’t fully come to that insight until late in life. After meeting friends who successfully run their own businesses, I finally got the chance to try it myself. I still needed a “solid” monthly income. Thanks to the Internet and the development of the digital world, I came across various exciting proposals I could do part-time.

However, as a complete newcomer in the online business world, the feeling of not being in line with these modern ways of doing business became a new challenge for me. It took some time until I found the system and platform “talking to me.” It’s more than a system but a community of like-minded people with different backgrounds and ages.


Your lifeline

Always having somebody to talk to is essential to me. It can be an expert in a particular area, a coach, or a colleague. It’s a kind of “lifeline” if you’re struggling with something. You’re never alone. Somebody is always there to help you.

This is another challenge making me take an essential step in life. Running my online business is a new passion for me. Helping other people who can identify themselves with my own journey is a fantastic thing to do.

The freedom to work on your terms fits my passion for running nicely. You can work when and from where you want with discipline and good planning.


Do What You Love to do Without Age as an Excuse


Do What You Love to do Without Age as an ExcuseI save age until the end on purpose because age seems to be one of the biggest hurdles for most people.

“I have no time.”

“Time is against me.”

“I should have done that when I was younger.”

Have you heard them before? I’m sure you can add some more. Let’s be serious about time. Time is a fantastic variable to deal with. It has 24 hours a day, not a single second more or less. So, what it’s all about, is not “time” but how you use your 24 daily hours.

Age goes the same way. How much didn’t you want to do when you were younger?

Instead, try to approach the age issue differently. You only have one life! If a 70 years old guy can run marathons, why shouldn’t you also be able to do what you love to do? Being an average senior who didn’t grow up with emails, Facebook, Instagram, or WordPress, now running my own online business, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same if it’s something you’re passionate about?

Of course, age also has its own problems, and yes, I do medical checkups more frequently than I did 25 years ago. It’s like old cars. They need more maintenance than a brand-new car. But if you do it, your old vehicle can last for many years.


Start living YOUR life today!

The average longevity is constantly increasing. We get healthier both physically and mentally. With a longer lifespan also comes the financial part. The truth is that standard pension funds do not have sufficient financial resources for the necessary payouts for retired people getting older every year.

Many need to find an extra income stream to avoid a dramatic downgrade of their accustomed lifestyle.

Imagine if you could combine your wealth and age in a way allowing you to do what you love to do every day for the rest of your life. Well, if a 70 years guy like me can do it, you can do it as well. And I’m a normal average senior person living an extraordinary life, all on my terms.

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