Doing business online could be a marathon nightmare

If you follow my blog, you know I’m a passionate entrepreneur doing business online. You also know that my other passion is marathon running. In various articles of mine, you can notice how I compare doing business online with marathon running. The synergies are many.

In this article, you will be introduced to a YouTube video, so far seen by almost 6 million people.

Besides being a funny video, it also has a considerable portion of true statements. Most people starting their online business, start with extreme enthusiasm. That’s good, but it can also play against you if you don’t watch out for all the obstacles in your way.

Doing Business Online Always Begins Somewhere

Doing business online begins somewhere

Laugh as much as you want when viewing the video, but it also gives you a serious message if you are new to all this. Why do I say this? Because I can relate to it 100%.

Every single one of the 8 stages has been my milestones, both for my marathon running and my online business.

Watch the video, laugh, and reflect.

This guy running his first marathon ever experiences the same as I did when running my first marathon 10 years ago. It also represents what many will go through when starting their online business.

That’s OK if you know how to handle it. Doing business online is always starting somewhere, the same way that running a marathon also has a beginning.


Doing business online with excitementEven if you train for a long time before the first race, the excitement when starting the race quickly takes over all logical thinking. You just feel that you’re overloaded with energy.

When starting an online business, you probably have gone through in depth what to do. However, the energy and motivation you have can’t stop you to “rush” away.

As an experienced runner, and after the first race, you’ve got a lot of knowledge, you can immediately start to make corrections. The same goes for your online business.

What to do:

  • Be in the moment. Do your best to forget about the excitement you have for finally doing business online.
  • Run your race. If you are connected to the correct system and platform, you will have a plan. Stick to your plan and follow it from A to Z without any deviation.


After a while, you start to doubt about the whole business set up. Maybe you’ve made some investments in marketing campaigns, but the results are poor.

DenialYour inbox is overloaded by different offers. You start to argue with yourself if you are doing business online the right way. Could be that colleagues are having success, but yours doesn’t occur.

What to do:

  • Keep on with your race. Do not leave your plan. Be stubborn!
  • It can be tempting to try other systems, and if you have bad luck, you can be a victim of one of all the scams and false “get-rich” promises out there.


You start to get some results, but there’s still a long way to go. You might also experience some clawbacks. The money invested just don’t pay off.

the chock in your businessIn the middle of no-where and your frustration is getting stronger. At this point, you start to make “homemade” adjustment, but the results get worse. The frustration turns into a mode of shock.

“What am I into?”

“How to get out of here?”

What to do:

·    Guess what? Stick to your plan!

·    You might be tempted to let your own modifications to take over. You still feel strong, but your inner feeling tells you that you must do something. Talk to colleagues, benchmark your project. Stick to your plan!


The excitement of doing business online has worn off, but the excitement of getting results is still there, even if it seems far away. To be honest, a bit of boredom starts to set in.

Isolation when doing business onlineA lot of doubts start to nag at you about if this really is working. Often you feel like the most isolated person on earth. Even your family starts to question what you’re doing.

What to do:

·    Think about what get you into this. The good news, in spite of all failures, is that you have achieved much more than what you are willing to accept. Acknowledge your achievements, reward yourself. Keep it up and stick to your plan.

·    Talk to other people. For sure, you will find people who struggle with the same kind of problems. You will also come across people who have gone through this phase and who can give you good advice. Be practical and avoid all emotional feelings to take over.


DesperationIt all seems to be dark, and you’re suffering from the failures. The same happened to Thomas Edison when developing the first electric light bulb. It appears that this never will work out for you. Might be that your dwelling is more frequent, but you know that it has to work.

Persistence is the “secret” formula.

What to do:

·    Stop dwelling! Your persistence, conviction, and motivation you had, in the beginning, will help you to overcome the problems.

·    Focus on one task at the time, and don’t let your desperation take over your actions.

“The Wall”

As a marathon runner, you will hit the famous wall, somewhere around mile 20. You feel that you can’t run any longer, and there are still 6 miles to the finish line.

Hitting the wallAs an entrepreneur, you will also “hit the wall.” As a runner, you know that you only have 6 miles more to go. In other words, the heaviest work is already done, and you have to mobilize yourself for the last miles.

The same thing will happen when doing business online. “The wall” is often a positive sign that the goal is close. You have learned a lot from all failures, and without knowing it, your experience will be your best support. You never repeat the same failure twice.

What to do:

·    Take a break. Analyze all you have done the wrong way. Let your brain be your alliance and emphasize on all that is working out well.

·    Talk to your community. Get a lot of advice…but stick to your plan.


affirmation when doing business onlineResults, even if small ones, start to come. Reward yourself for every single progress you have. This part of the business is probably the most difficult one, and most people quitting, they stop here.

What a pity! The goal is just around the corner, and there is absolutely no reason to quit.

What to do:

·    Trust all the training you have gone through. Be confident with all the experience you’ve achieved.

·    Motivate yourself with an “I know I can do it” mentality. Later in your entrepreneurial journey, you will just laugh and remember those tough moments as crucial stages to become a successful entrepreneur.


Suddenly, like a blizzard from a blue sky, you start to see results in your business. Maybe you find a part of your multiple trials to paying off better than others. Hang on and multiply your effort.

Elation when doing business onlineWhen you see the finish line in a marathon, all pain in your body is gone. You feel like you could keep on running without problems. The same happens when you hit the right stream in your business.

Probably you have tried all social media to grow your business. Use the media that works for you. Make a detailed investment calculation and just multiply it.

You are there! Your struggles, your financial sacrifices, and all other hurdles, they are all gone. From being a business adventure costing you money and a lot o, you are now starting your journey to becoming a wealthy entrepreneur doing business online.

What to do:

·    Enjoy it! Reward yourself! People who criticized you along the way will now start to admire your effort. Some of them will even ask you how you did it.

·    Be in the moment! Analyze your results together with all failures along the route. Make a “to do list” together with a “not to do” list.

·    You are now a successful online entrepreneur who made the journey. You’re an authority within your niche. Don’t forget to give back.

Doing Business Online is for Everyone, if…

The journey to becoming a successful online entrepreneur is something everybody can do. However, you must have a passion for it.

Today when I’m running my 23rd marathon, I know what it takes. The same goes for my online business. The comparison with a marathon race is as close as you can come to reality.

To successfully run marathons year after year, you need two tools.

The first one is a professional training program. The second one is to invest in the best running shoes you can find in the market, for your body and your running style.

In the same way, doing business online requires a professional system where you get all necessary training and support. Secondly, you need the best platform in the market for your business.

The system and platform I’m using, give me all I need to build my online business the way I want. Click the banner below and get access to the same system and platform I’m using.


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