Doing business online is something that will dominate the global business environment within short

In the previous article, we went through the basic settings for doing business online. If you missed the first part, click here and get updated.

This article will be dedicated more to the practical stuff when building your own online business.

How Do I Earn My Money Doing Business Online

Earning money doing business online
Earning money doing business online

By selling the product you’re promoting, the customer pays you. If you have your own product, you need to set up a payment application like for example PayPal.

If you’re an affiliate, you don’t have to worry about the payment. The company whose product you’re promoting will take care of the whole payment process. Once the payment is made, you earn a commission. Easy like that.

By joining the program I belong to, you will have access to many different products with different prices, and naturally, with the corresponding variety of commission.

Aaah, by the way, the product you’re promoting, you do not even need to bother about the sales. The company will sell it for you. Sounds too good to be true, right? Check it out yourself and validate it.

What Is The Cost To Start Doing Business Online

The cost of doing business online
The cost of doing business online

As senior people, we are accustomed to the old traditional business models, where any business requires a considerable amount of money, only as an initial investment to get started.

The Internet and the online world has changed the variables completely. For a couple of dollars, you can get started. With another additional smaller amount, you will get your business rolling.

This new way of doing business online with an investment that any person with the right mindset will have access to allows a wider span of individuals to practice their entrepreneurial skills. Never before this has been possible. All available statistics show that the number of independent online entrepreneurs is steadily increasing.

Only in the U.S., over half a million become new entrepreneurs every month.

The affiliate organization I belong to will even allow you to try the complete system completely for free during 30 days. Thus, the cost day one is cero! Can it be cheaper?

You will never find any of those scam offers, mentioned earlier, to promote something for free.

How to build my online business without any technical skills

Doing business online without technical skills
Doing business online without technical skills

Of all FAQ seniors have about doing business online, this is probably the one that causes most excuses not to get started. If you grew up and made your career, as I did, when telex machines were the most modern equipment you could use, well, then it could be a hurdle to overcome.

The good thing though is that everybody, and I mean everybody, can do it. It’s no longer a technical problem, as it was when the digital world saw daylight for the first time. With the right mindset and willingness to learn, computers, software and different applications, are so easy to use that there is no logical explanation why not doing business online for technical reasons.

When you join a professional company, like the one I belong to, you get a whole system ready made for you. It’s just a question of putting in your data, configure the sites the way you prefer, and voilà, ready to go.

Based on my own experience, and I promise you I’m an ordinary senior without any sophisticated technical skills, there were some applications I added on to my business.

First of all, I would like to lift a finger of warning. When you enter the digital world, you will literally be bombarded with offers of different apps. One seems to be better than the other.

It’s easy to fall into a kind of purchasing mode, and resonate like:

“That one seems awesome can be good to have,”

and before you even notice it, you have spent a lot of money on cool apps, but do you really need them?

Apps Should Be Useful When Doing Business Online

A piece of advice is to be very restrictive and only acquire what is necessary to build your business fast and secure.

Useful apps doing business online
Useful apps doing business online

However, some apps will help you a lot.

Aweber is one of them. There are many autoresponders on the market, but in my opinion, Aweber is one of the most complete.

An autoresponder will help you to build your list, emphasizing YOUR list. Whatever extension you will do later on with your business, the list is the most valuable asset in your online business.

If you are a world citizen as I am and don’t have English as your mother tongue, it can be wise to have an app helping you to correct spelling and grammar in a way that your text at least is readable in a proper way.


Grammarly is an excellent app for this purpose. You can configure the setting and get the corrections based on American, British, Canadian or Australian English.

Even if I consider my English to be fairly good, I always use it not to make stupid errors. However, always be proud of your origin. It’s part of your personality and brand. Can you imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking English without his German accent? It wouldn’t be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sooner or later you will find out that your time will not be enough if you would like to do everything yourself. After all, you enter this online business to get more free time and not less.

Doing Business Online Should Not Be Overwhelming

Avoid overwhelming
Avoid overwhelming

The balance between what to do and not to do can be tricky to decide.

The former U.S. president Dwight Eisenhower said once:

“What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.”

That quote has inspired to the following quadrant

The high priority task for every day, are the duties in the “DO” square.

The “DECIDE” contain tasks that probably belong to the long and middle term strategy.

Whatever you can put in the “DELEGATE” square, you should try to outsource in one way or another. Being aware of my lacking skills in computer technology, I outsourced the construction of my website and blog site. Use companies like Freelancer or Fiverr. By searching around, you can find excellent talents doing the job for you at a very reasonable price.

Finally, never spend your time on tasks that belong to the “DELETE” square. It can be tasks that you like to do and therefore spend time on it, but be resourceful with your time.

The FAQ seniors have about doing business online should be covered by this article, and to not let it all fade out in nothing, your next action should be to click the button below and try it out yourself.

If there still are questions you would like to get an answer to, drop me a line and let’s do live together.

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