By doing what you want, 90% of the work is done


Doing what you want could sound quite clicheish, I admit that. But on the other hand, there is a huge difference between what you want and what you desire.

Before going further, let us first define what “desire” and “want” really means. There are several sources out there trying to make a good definition. However, the best one I found in a blog post by Joseph Mavericks explaining how one of the richest men in the world applies a system to get anything he wants in life.

His definition goes like this:

“A goal is something you want to achieve because it inspires you. Desires are things you want for no clear reason and usually prevent you from reaching your goals.”

Reading it a couple of times, indeed, it’s powerful. And thinking about it, desires usually are very emotional, lacking the fundamental pieces to make you happy in life.

Instead, when you want to achieve a specific goal, it is because it inspires you. The reason is that a goal is something you create based on very concrete and logical steps that you love to do.


Doing What You Want Could Inspire You to Make the “Impossible!

  Doing What You Want Could Inspire You“The first secret of getting what you want is knowing what you want.”

-Arthur D. Hlavaty

When Steve Jobs started to develop the first Mac computer, do you think it was due to a desire or based on a goal? Well, if it had been on an emotional desire, most probably Apple wouldn’t exist today.

You can analyze all other successful and famous entrepreneurs and find the same pattern. Well-defined goals and action plans made them all successful.

The stories about these guys’ entrepreneurial journeys not only talk about their successes. The failures get almost a larger space in their curriculums. However, what keeps them on track is a crystal clear goal and a persistent iron will to reach the final goal.

Whatever you’re up to, it will always be possible to copy their recipe by doing what you want.


Do not chase the money

Do you want to be rich?

What a stupid question!

But the problem here is that you don’t want to be rich by following the definition we made in the beginning. Earning a lot of money typically is a desire. In various articles, we have been analyzing the danger of chasing money.

If you remember last week’s article, money is like fuel for the car; not a very “sexy” topic to talk about, but necessary to travel from point A to B.

You have probably read stories about how unhappy people become when turning into millionaires overnight. Or rich people who are unhappy because they have no real passion for their work.


Health, Wealth, and Wellbeing by Doing What You Want

Wellbeing by Doing What You WantNot long ago, I released a video on YouTube talking about the balance between health, wealth, and well-being in life. The video is embedded in an article discussing how to manage these realities when getting older.

Many retirees today struggle to get their economy correctly in place for the lifestyle they deserve. In our community, we are discussing the importance of becoming financially independent.

A brand new platform and system are coming into the market that will allow you to live that lifestyle that so far is on your pending list. The “Modern Wealth” way allows you to be doing what you want finally. It will give you all the training and support you need.

In a nutshell, it allows you to build or grow income streams you are personally passionate about. This is for people interested in getting more freedom in their lives by creating a simple, legitimate online business.

Doing what you want can mean many different things, depending on your personality. However, if it sounds relevant to you, the next step would be to click the box below and get started.

Doing What You Want

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