The most famous entrepreneurs in the world are multimillionaires without focusing on money, but being driven by a mission more than anything else.


Whatever niche they are into, driven by a mission, tie together the most famous and heterogeneous entrepreneurs in the world. It’s not only valid in today’s digitalized world, but going back in history the same pattern shows up.

Why is it like that? And what can we learn from it?

To understand why we are doing what we do, you need to go back and review how we and others in generations back have been trained to think.

United Nations has an ongoing survey where anyone can click in and vote on different priorities to make a better world. It’s called My World Survey, and several millions of people have voted so far.

There are different topics to vote on and the ranking change over time, but the number one since the very beginning is “Education.”

It’s true that a lot of people around the world do not have access to any education at all, not even the most basic. Of course, every person on earth should have the right to primary schooling.

However, in the industrialized world education is seen as the “must do” task, to have any chance in life.

Study hard at school, go to college, look after to pass your exams, get your degree, start your career….. and you are set for life.

Do you recognize the path? I do because that is my exact personal story.

But honestly, is this really a way to achieve greatness… or what is it?

Was I driven by a mission? And in such case what was the mission? And the mission of whom….?

Driven By A Mission Is The Vehicle And Inspiration Is The Fuel


Inspiration is your fuel

Inspiration is your fuel

So there you are with your college degree ready to start your career. Maybe you are not even passionate about what you are going to work with.

Why is it like this?

Because society is telling you that this is the path to go and to get a well-paid position you will be respected. It’s a mark of “success.”

Who decides about these rules? Getting a career under these circumstances is nothing else than a “Brule” (Bullshit rule).

Steve Jobs didn’t have any university degree, neither has Bill Gates. Albert Einstein even got suspended from school due to poor performance.

What they have instead is much, much bigger! Whole their professional lives are driven by a mission, a mission to create something with a very specific purpose.

In the following video Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley Academy, explains in an excellent way the difference between rules and brules.


Whatever your dream in life could be, if the search of a mission is the route map, the probability is high to find happiness.

To choose a job based on the old doctrine of a career, earning a decent salary and a nice title, probably you will have difficulties to find any happiness.

Driven by a mission will allow you to feel like you are contributing to something bigger and more important for the human race. Every single day will be exciting.

You will no longer view your work as something where you are trading your skills, knowledge and time for a paycheck every month. Work, instead, will be something that gives you another dimension of meaning. It will help you to grow personally, and at the same time, you are contributing something to the society.

To Be Mission Oriented Leads To Something Different


To start a company, if that is on your agenda, is already hard. But there is a way to minimize your risk of failure.

Be mission oriented and tackle problems with inspiration.

The creation of your company will give every single moment a breath of the mission to solve the problem according to your definition.

Every day thousands of people are joining some sort of online business platforms. Today it’s so easy to do it, and the cost is “peanuts.”

The sad story is that a large group of people signing up, they do it for a particular reason and there is no mission in the background, or at least the mission is very vague.

The reason they join is to earn money, and it’s nothing wrong with that. But if that is the only reason why you join in, the risk is dangerously high that you will fail.

To put some more salt on the cream, many people are signing up based on false promises to be rich within a couple of weeks and even days, without almost any work. Watch out carefully for those scammy offers!

As a typical baby boomer in the retirement age, I joined the Six figure Mentors with a very clear mission in place. I want to help all those people around the world with the same desire as I have, to start an online business from home and driven by a mission. At the same time, I need the freedom to practice my other passion, which in my case is marathon running.

If you can resonate with my mission, click the banner below and get started today. It will be an exciting journey we will do together driven by a mission we now will share together.

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