As an efficient entrepreneur you need a different approach

To be an efficient entrepreneur isn’ the same as being an effective entrepreneur. In an earlier article, we make an in-depth analysis of the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. A highly efficient entrepreneur do things the right way.

There are many obstacles on your way to being an efficient entrepreneur. Tons of articles exist about the topic. Some show you the 3 “must” steps to take, while others show you up to 100 ways to improve your efficiency. In one way or another, all the advice is good.

In this article 5 smart steps will be revealed. Like so many times the inspiration comes from my marathon running. It’s incredible all the synergies you’ll find between marathon running and entrepreneurship.

As a passionate runner, I use to read all the magazines about running that I can find. It’s true that the same topics are repeated many times in different packages, but sometimes you’ll find something different.

In a recent edition of the Swedish version of Runner’s World, there is an article dealing with 5 smart steps to make your training more efficient. It’s not about the classical tangible recommendations, but more approaching the emotional part of the training.

Half through the article…..Gosh, this is applicable for anybody who would like to be a more efficient entrepreneur!

An Efficient Entrepreneur Knows How to Optimize the Work

In the Runner’s World article, Swedish edition, written by Christer Wennhult, he starts up by erasing once and for all hard training and that nothing else is the gateway to good results. Instead, it’s a question of finding the right balance between training and recovery.

That’s the way to keep your motivation on an optimal level and avoiding injuries. Marathon running is a long term project.

“You can run a sprint, or you can run a marathon, but you can’t sprint a marathon.”

– Ryan Holmes

With this quote, you can easily see what marathon running and entrepreneurship have in common. Most people who fail with their entrepreneurial project, fail because they try to “sprint a marathon.”

For sure you sometimes need to work around the clock with your business, but if you don’t balance it with periods of recovery, you will be burned out. It’s all about finding the correct balance for you to optimize your efforts. It goes for your entrepreneurial project as well as for your running.

So, let’s grab Christer Wennhult’s advice and get a different more emotional approach to the subject.

The Approach to Optimize Your Results

Once making the decision to train for a marathon and to start your entrepreneurial journey, the motivation is on its absolute highest level. “Nothing can stop you,” and the risk is high to begin working on extremely high speed without any restrictions.

Both runners and entrepreneurs use to fail and even quit during this phase. Instead, you need to separate maximum training or work and optimal training and work. You can that with these 5 steps.

#1 Balance your training with recovery

Each training session as a runner is a process of depletion. If you don’t give your body sufficient time to recover from training, the result of your training will get the opposite effect.

The advice is to slow down with your physical training when you feel stress, or have less time for rest and sleep. When fully recovered you can speed up the training again.

There is no difference in your entrepreneurial project. Don’t try to force yourself to work hard when you feel that your body and brain won’t respond appropriately. Take a rest, do something else and just forget the waiting workload for a while.

Once recovered from the fatigue, you will be an efficient entrepreneur again when re-starting the work.

#2 Keep a reserve of energy

As marathon training is a long term project, you need to keep on training over a more extended time. To do it successfully you need to distribute your energy wisely. The central part of your training should be at a level where you don’t get exhausted every time you put on your running shoes.

If you always train on a max level, you will sooner or later run into a mode where your running is a massive work rather than a positive and stipulating happening.

With your business, you should always optimize your input of work and energy. If you maximize your work, the risk is high that you will lose the motivation that once was the reason you started as an entrepreneur.

There will be times when you must work a lot. Save energy for those events, and you will do it without any problem. It is like having energy left to speed up the last mile in a marathon race.

#3 Something is always better than nothing

Life isn’t always predictable. Sometimes you must be prepared to modify your training plan. At the end of the day, it’s more about training regularly than executing a particular training session at a specific day and time.

If you for any reason get an obstacle in your way to fulfill the planned training, reduce the time for training or whatever pops up in your mind. The total training millage is what counts at the end. Remember that something is always better than nothing.

Nothing can be more accurate when it comes to your life as an entrepreneur. Particularly in our digital era, there are thousands of different things that can interfere in your scheduled agenda. It’s nothing wrong with that. Just accept it as something normal. If you are delayed with a particular task, don’t get upset for that. Try to do something and continue the next day with the rest. Reschedule your agenda and highlight the delayed.

#4 Implement variation in your training

The startup training for a runner is just a question of getting out and run a couple of days per week. When you feel that the training is becoming a habit, it’s time to put in variation to it. You need it to be a better runner but also to be mentally stronger. The variety will keep your motivation on a top level.

In my online business, I always think about acting as an efficient entrepreneur. To divide the business into different chapters helps me to optimize the business. Parts never missing are, training, set up of new marketing campaigns, analyzing present and past campaigns, updating software, connecting with my audience, follow up leads and sales.

You can add another five to ten tasks, but it all comes down to a considerable variation, where the time to get all done is predominating. The variety is an essential reason to keep on moving forward.

“You don’t have to be an idiot, but it helps.”

….is a funny but honest quote at the same time, describing a passionate marathon runner and entrepreneur.

#5 Use a realistic plan

There are many ready-made training programs in the market. They cover different needs and ambitions. When I took the decision to go for my first marathon 11 years ago, I didn’t know much about what to do and how to make it happen. I knew it was a tremendous challenge and also that I needed a professional training program.

A training program should be something following your goal, but also the time and resources you’re willing to invest in your training. I was lucky to find the right program almost immediately. It worked perfectly well and the first marathon race 10 months later was a success.

With the positive experience from the marathon startup, it was natural that the entrepreneurial journey followed the same pattern. If you know that you need months of training to successfully run a marathon, why should it be possible to get a profitable online business up and running within a couple of days?

Thanks to the marathon training experience, you don’t fall into the trap of all these ridiculous “get-rich-quick” scams. Unfortunately, they still hook up people with the desire to build there own online business.

Using the same criterion as for my marathon training program, it wasn’t difficult to take the decision to sign up for the digital system and platform that I’m using since almost 6 years ago. Training, support, digital platforms, products and a unique community in the same package that is what you need to be able to act as an efficient entrepreneur online.

As an Efficient Entrepreneur You Will Always Take This in Account

The 5 steps above are smart steps that can help you to be a better runner and more efficient entrepreneur. However, there is something that you never can forget to take into account.

One thing is your desire based on how much you’re willing to train or work. The other thing is to get your personal desire firmly anchored in your family and among persons who will be affected by your training and occupation of your business.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of connecting to a system and platform where your business will be automated as much as ever possible. Also, a platform where you get all the training and support you need.


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