Get the support your entrepreneurial dreams require from your loved ones

You have big and robust entrepreneurial dreams; otherwise, you shouldn’t read this article. However, you probably have run into the same problem, so many other entrepreneurs have done as well.

People around you, and the ones you care about and love they do not understand what is it that you do. They only see your head in front of a computer screen all day long. If your spouse doesn’t understand what you’re doing, it will soon turn into something else.

Your entrepreneurial dreams will be her or his nightmare. If you’re not doing anything, the tension between you as a couple will increase. The consequences could be severe!

For all of us having entrepreneurial dreams, this is always happening once in a while. Probably you feel a little sad or discourage, but don’t worry. There are methods to come around the problem and keep your entrepreneurial dreams alive.

The following five strategies will help you to deal with the situation.

Refresh Your “Why”

Entrepreneurial dreams and your whyRemember your “Why”!

Your “Why” should always be present during your entrepreneurial journey. It’s the fuel to let your entrepreneurial dreams come true. It is what drives all your actions.

With a clear picture of your “Why,” the bigger your “How” will be; how to make it all happen. If your “How” is in place you will know exactly “What” to do.

When you get difficulties to get support or understanding form people close to you, and you can’t explain straightforwardly, it’s often a result of you not supporting yourself. Refresh your “Why” and it will all be much easier for all involved people.

When you have a crystal clear view of your “Why,” you will notice less adverse reactions by people around you. When you can visualize your vision in a way that everybody can understand, you can even achieve positive responses from your family and friends.

Only you need to get it right. You need to believe in it! Your sincere and firm belief in your own vision will transmit a motivating to people around you, and often magic happens. They start to believe you and support you on your entrepreneurial dreams.

So believe in yourself and keep going after your dreams!

Never Argue Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

People around you, your loved ones, often start to argue with you because they love you. They see how you’re working hard, often without visible results, and believe you’re on the wrong track. Their way of acting is to “protect” you as they think you’re on something too risky.

Never argue your entrepreneurial dreamsTo be an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, and people without experience with these things can start to argue against what you’re doing. They just lack understanding and try to “protect” you.

Listen to their concerns but try your very best to avoid a discussion with arguments.

You can always try to explain what you are doing, but in most of the cases, it’s wiser to say nothing. Why should you spend your time and energy to defend yourself to people who don’t understand your vision?

If we are talking about close family members living under the same roof, it can be a little bit more tricky. Whatever conversation you will have, never start a “war” with them. Let them know that it’s vital for you to let your entrepreneurial dreams come true because you don’t want to live the rest of your life regretting that you never gave it a try. That’s all. State your point of view. Never start an argumentation.

Lisa Larter has an approach that is interesting. She says that arguing around the entrepreneurial project between a couple almost always are connected to two reasons:

Money and Attention!

Some people will understand over time what you’re up to. Other people will never get it. We are all different, and you just have to accept it. The only person to whom you are accountable, is to yourself, no-one else.

Arguments against your project will turn into criticism, that in the worst case scenario can get yourself to start doubting about the whole thing.

Your entrepreneurial dreams are your dreams. Protect them!

Find Balance In Your Life

This is a tricky one but at the same time so extremely important. It’s crucial for you and for the people you’re living together with.

Balance your entrepreneurial dreamsIf you are living together with someone, the balance should not only be for your life but for you as a couple. It’s true and also important that both of you have your personal balance between job, hobbies, and whatever it can be, but the same balance also must exist for the couple.

If your personal life takes up most of the time and the time doing things together will be limited to a minimum, for sure conflicts will arise from such unbalanced life together.

On the other hand, if you allow your partner to dedicate most of his or her time to private activities, you will soon feel that you have not much life together. This unbalanced life between couples is the main reason for separations and divorces. Why should you live together if you don’t share anything together?

How much in life should be your personal activities and how much should be done together, that is entirely individual from couple to couple.

To get your entrepreneurial dreams to come true, the ideal situation is of course that you both are involved in the same project. It will automatically make you share life most of the time. However, that isn’t always possible and keep an eye on the balance in your life to avoid frictions and even complete crashes

This comparison with life balance with a tightrope walker in a circus, is very much what’s it all about.

Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Will Give Massive Success

What can be better than massive success? Results speak louder than anything else.

Therefore, it’s important to always be on track towards your goal. The ones who might be trying to “steal” your entrepreneurial dreams and those who rejected you, with proven results they can’t ignore your journey any longer.

An important note though: Chasing success doesn’t mean chasing money. True success is something completely different. Eventually, the money follows and not the other way around.

Sometimes people in your inner circle who earlier rejected you, their ego can be too big too give you right or even be proud of you. What will be essential for you is that you can prove to them that they at least have nothing to worry about.

Take A Break

The last and often forgotten step in the process to get an appropriate balance in life and to support your entrepreneurial dreams is something that you maybe don’t expect:

Take a breakTake a break!

Yes, as entrepreneurs we are committed to a tough startup. Long days and many hours invested in the project of your life. Probably you have read about the most famous and successful entrepreneurs in the world. Sometimes they work around the clock, driven by a vision and an extraordinary passion for what they are doing. This is the typical life of a true entrepreneur.

No matter the passion for what you’re doing. You need to accept that you’re not a machine but a human being.

To not be forced to take a break due to illness, it’s much better to plan for it. You’re in charge of the action and that no inconvenient happening will obligate you to go into a rest mode.

One of the most important but at the same time, most time-consuming activities in my online marketing business is my blog and all events around the blog. Since 2015 when I started my blog, the commitment to publish a new blog post every 5th day has been fulfilled at 100%. My audience expects a new article every 5th day. As a human being (I’m not a machine neither), I will now take my first planned break since the start back in early 2015.

With this article, I will take a break for a few weeks. The 31st of July I’ll be back with the next article. In the meantime you can always reach me by sending a message in the contact box you’ll find on this page.

If you still are struggling about where to start your life as an independent entrepreneur, part-time or full time…..

check this out.

All the best, take care of yourself and give the love and attention your family deserves.


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