To be an excellent Internet marketer is possible for every single person if you know how to do three things correctly.

What has an excellent Internet marketer to do with the president of the United States of America? Well, it hasn’t. But the way Donald Trump become the person to occupy the White House has a lot to do with how a person acts as an excellent Internet marketer.

In my blog post published the 23rd of April, 2016, more than half a year before the elections, I made a summary of how Donald Trump applied common marketing strategies for his campaign.

Whatever political opinion you have, I believe we can agree on two things when it comes to Donald Trump:

  1. He is controversial, which means that people wake up every morning eager to learn what the U.S. President said today. We love to listen and react to controversial stuff. That’s the reason why the press always searches for catching titles. We love that!
  2. He uses a method from the very beginning that differs almost on everything from how a political behavior traditionally is supposed to be

In this article, I would like to add a third and vital ingredient.

As An Excellent Internet Marketer He Knows What To Do And Why.

As I said in the article mentioned above and also emphasized in the follow-up article the 9th of November 2016, the performance by the winner was done in a way that always is done by any person who is an excellent Internet marketer.

First, he targets the ideal audience.

Almost always you found Trump campaigning with his ideal audience, which happens to be white males without a college degree. They represented nearly half of all the voters. It’s powerful to listen to your audience.

The excellent marketer and social media

Secondly, social media is a killer. We all know Trump to be frequent on Twitter. A lot of strange messages? Yes, sometimes.

But the importance of being visible to your audience is worth more than the perfectionism behind a note. Trump writes most of his own tweets himself.

This brings a valuable sense of authenticity to his tweets, which obviously wins over perfectionism in the messages

Third, make it simple. “Make America Great Again” is an excellent example of simplicity. Even if a huge geographical error in it,(America goes from Alaska in the north to Argentina in the south,) his message is simple and possible for every single person to understand.


You Can Be An Excellent Internet Marketer By Applying These Simple 3 Steps

The good thing is that by applying the same strategy as Donald Trump, you can also be an excellent marketer and a winner.

Too often people complicate life, and in the end, nothing happens. Just applying these three steps and get a back up from a ready-made system that takes care of the rest, your success will be of the same magnitude as the one of Donald Trump – you will win!

We all know that Trump had and still has a big group of professional people working behind the scenes. They look after that decisions will be executed the right way. And why not tell the truth: they have to clean up a lot of things the President messes up.

However, he knows it and can continue to do his mission, as there will always be an organization taking care of all work involved.

The work as an excellent Internet marketer functions the same way. You have a mission, stick to your mission. You can do it with confidence because you know that there is a platform and there is a system taking care of all the technical stuff, the automation, the training, the coaching and the support.

Start your mission today by copying the marketing strategy of the President of one of the most influential nations on the planet.

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